Published On : Sat, Oct 31st, 2015

Farmers must go for solar agriculture pumps: Mahavitaran

Nagpur: The state government, concerned over farmers committing suicides in Akola, Amravati, Washim, Yavatmal and Wardha as well as Nagpur districts, has decided to provide solar energy operated agriculture pumps to all farmers of these districts, said a press note issued by Mahavitaran, Nagpur.

According to press note, under the sate government sponsored scheme, the farmers will have to pay just 5% of the cost of pump, and such pumps would be looked after and maintained for 5 years by the agency which installs these pumps. So maximum farmers must take advantage of the scheme, urged Mahavitaran, adding that as many as 315 farmers in Nagpur district and 920 farmers in Wardha district have been benefited by the scheme.

Solar agriculture pumps are being installed just to save farmers from adverse situation like non-availability of electricity connections or power supply, and it does not cause much financial burden, and also there is no headache of paying the electricity bills. Under the guiding project, the state government has decided to install as many as 10,000 solar pumps across the state. Such solar pumps have the capacity of 3HP, 5HP, and they will be installed for farmers having 5 acres or less irrigable land. Such pumps are also helpful in the areas where electricity has not reached and not likely to reach in future.

The HP capacity-wise cost of solar pump is as follows: 3HP AC pump–Rs 16,200, 3HP DC pump Rs 20,250, 5HP AC pump Rs 27,000, 5HP DC Rs 33,750 and 7.5HP AC pump Rs 36,000.

The benefit of the scheme will be extended on the basis of ‘First Come, First Served’ basis, said deputy chief PRO, Mahavitaran, Nagpur.