Published On : Sun, Nov 1st, 2015

Farmers market at sandipani

DSC_9469Nagpur: India being primarily an agricultural country, one would think that the position of farmers is commendable. But very sadly, this is not so. This is all the more felt in Vidarbha where the condition of farmers is really pitiable.

‘Farmers commit suicide’ ‘Farmers not getting their due’.

These are some of the headlines that stare back at us every morning the minute we open our newspapers. Farmers toil day and night for us so that we don’t go to bed hungry. Even after working so hard, the condition of farmers is not improving. The inclement weather is adding to their woes. The interference of the middle men can be a factor that is depriving the farmers of their rights. Is it right that we sit in the comfort of our drawing rooms while the farmers are forced to take extreme steps ?

This is exactly what the young enthusiasts of the Dr. Shrikant Jichkar Foundation Youth Volunteer Network – Zero Gravity asked themselves.

DSC_9383The School Sandipani and the Zero Gravity group which includes the school’s alumni got together and pledged that they should do something to improve the lot of the farmers. The seed for the Farmers’ Market was thus sown.

‘This age needs new festivals ;
Let’s begin with farmers.

DSC_9363Sandipani is sensitizing its young students that this is the need of the hour.

2T6B1842Taking the noble cause further, invitation was given to 30 + farmers to come and display their products. This Farmers’ Market will ensure that the farmers sell their produce directly to the buyers and will go a long way in improving the condition of farmers.

2T6B1948Sandipani is all set to promote the farmers and their local produce by organising a Farmers’ Market on the 31st of Oct. 2015 in the School’s Hazari Pahad premises.