Published On : Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

Fariyas housing project at Khamla eats into stilt parking, says NIT

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Nagpur: Controversy’s favorite child – a housing project by Mumbai-based Fariyas Hotels Private Limited in Nagpur viz Fariyas Vrindavan Gardens has once again been caught on the wrong end of the law. The project coming up in Khamla has allegedly gulped down the area meant for stilt parking.

The stilt parking in question is a huge area and supposed to accommodate 42 cars and over 100 bicycles. It is on ground floor of each of three flat scheme wings with one of G+10 floors and other two of G+11 floors.

RTI activist TH Naidu had filed an appeal before the state information commissioner complaining that the urban land ceiling (ULC) department did not provide proper information under the RTI Act. Accordingly, the state information commissioner directed the collector, who is competent authority of the ULC department, to provide the information. Then ULC department then asked the NIT to inspect the plot and flat scheme of Fariyas and submit a report.

Accordingly, a team of NIT west division inspected the three wings. Executive engineer PP Dhankar submitted the report with the ULC department on July 12.

“As per building plan of towers A, B and C, stilt parking was to be provided on the ground floor. However, Fariyas did not leave any parking space as per the plan,” Dhankar said.

During the inspection, the NIT team detected four types of violations by Fariyas. As per the report, also obtained by Naidu under the RTI Act, rooms have been constructed occupying common passages in all 10 floors of one wing and 11 floors of the remaining two wings. “There is also deviation in front and side margins of the plot. Terrace has been constructed on first floor in all three wings, which was not sanctioned in the building plan. Pergola structure has been constructed on 10th floor of one wing and on 11th floors of remaining two wings,” NIT report stated.

The construction work on the three wings of the flat scheme has already been completed and possession of the flats is pending as Fariyas is yet to get occupancy certificate from the NIT.

NIT official said that as of now no action can be taken against Fariyas as the builder has not handed over the possession to the buyers. “Fariyas can sell and give possession of the flats after obtaining compliance certificate from the NMC fire and emergency services department and occupancy certificate from the NIT. We will not issue occupancy certificate in case of any deviations from the building plans,” the official said.

Naidu said that collector Sachin Kurve should hand over the flat scheme to the ULC department and allot it for urban poor. “Plot on which the flat scheme came up was part of the ULC Act. The state government had sanctioned Talegaon Dabhade scheme on the plot. The ULC department was supposed to ensure tenements or plot for the poor people. However, the NIT regularized the plot under Gunthewari Act and also sanctioned the building plan. Collector should also initiate action against the officials of the ULC department and NIT,” Naidu said.