Published On : Sat, Dec 24th, 2016

FAQ: What you must know about Shivaji memorial off Mumbai coast

Here’s what you should know about the mega project:

Rs 3,600 crore

The cost of contructing the ‘Shiv Smarak’

190 metre

The height of the iconic Maratha king’s statue. It will be taller than the State of Liberty

15.96 hectares

The area which will be used to undertake construction


The number of visitors the memorial will accommodate at a time post completion

Other facilities proposed at the site:

* A state of the art museum containing artifacts used by Shivaji and extracts of his inspirational writings.

* An amphitheatre and auditoria of a capacity 500 and 2000 respectively with back stage facilities.

* An exhibition gallery in which life panorama of Shivaji will be displayed by artistic murals.

* A marine aquarium, water adventure sports with sound and light shows.

* Common facilities such as reception, cafeteria, lavatories, book stalls etc for visitors.

* A viewing gallery at the apex of statue.

* A helipad