Published On : Sat, Apr 11th, 2015

FAM and NVCC welcomes announcement of Amnesty Scheme for LBT by CM in Vidhansabha

Deepen Agrawal

Federation of Associations of Maharashtra (FAM) and Nag-Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) welcomes announcement of One-Time Amnesty Scheme for LBT registered and non-registered dealers granting immunity from interest, penalties and proceedings under the act or Rules of LBT if liability is discharged by making payment of dues, by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in Vidhansabha on April 11, 2015.

It is pertinent to note that a delegation of FAM led by Convener FAM Action Plan Panel and IPP-NVCC Dipen Agrawal consisting of 65 trade representatives from all 26 Corporations across the state called upon Chief Minister Devender Fadnavis on March 2, 2015. Also present in the meeting along with Chief minister were Finance Minister Sudhir Mungatiwar, Minister of State for Urban Development Rajan Patil, Finance Secretary Sudhir Shrivastav, Secretary UD-1 Nitin Karir, Secretary UD-2 Manisha Mahaiskar, Principal Secretary CMO Praveen Pardesi and Secretary-CMO Milind Mahaiskar.

After receiving commitment for abolishing of LBT and Octroi from the state shortly  Dipen Agrawal explained to the Chief Minister that even after abolishing LBT the woes of LBT will not be over because traders due to ignorance, confusion and complexities of LBT Law and State-wide agitation against LBT Law for an extended period, many dealers may have not registered themselves and/or discharged their obligations under LBT Rules 2010 & as a result authorities from corporation for want of unpaid revenue may raid, harass traders and levy heavy penalty and interest on innocent traders. Hence, it is much needed to offer an amnesty scheme for dealers for voluntary compliance of LBT Rules 2010, by making truthful declaration and payment of LBT dues since inception of LBT in their respective Corporation, and to avail immunity from interest, penalties and proceedings under the Act or the Rules & as a result decent revenue shall also be collected by corporations otherwise facing financial crisis and struggling to sustain their administrative expenses. Further he submitted written undertaking by apex associations of all 25 cities were LBT has been imposed committing the same.

Chief Minister agreed to the suggestion and immediately instructed Secretary UD-2 Manisha Mahaiskar to prepare a draft in accordance with the request made to float a One-time Special Amnesty Scheme for LBT.

President FAM Mohan Gurnani on behalf of FAM and affiliated associations and the traders of state have thanked Chief Minister and Government of Maharashtra to have considered the apathy of traders and announcing the amnesty scheme in Vidhan Sabha. He appealed to the traders to avail benefit of amnesty scheme by discharging their liability & avoid further coercive action by department.

Dipen Agrawal while acknowledging and applauding the sensitivity displayed by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and his government towards the erring problem of traders because of LBT says that by announcement of amnesty scheme traders now can be sure of abolishing of LBT & Octroi from August 1, 2015 as announced in the state budget. He further added that NVCC along with FAM Started with one aim to abolish LBT/Octroi and over a period during the agitation aim shifted into 4A’s i.e. Amnesty, Abolish, Alternate and Assessment.

Special thanks to Chief Minister to have given abolishment due on August 1, 2015 and alternate on VAT as desired and as announced in state budget 2015 and announcing Amnesty scheme, we are further hopeful that Assessment harassments being faced by traders will also be addressed and final relief to traders will be granted from draconian LBT. The positivity of state government is also a step towards tax reforms & simplifying doing business in state and shall give boost to
‘Make in Maharashtra’ initiative of state government.

He said announcement of Amnesty scheme is a historic announcement and Credit goes to traders for displaying their unity and patience and supporting their leaders in respective corporations to have achieved the above.

A delegation of NVCC led by President of NVCC Mayur Panchmatiya on April 29, 2015 called upon Chief Minister in Nagpur and requested him to consider the just demand of traders to float an Amenesty Scheme before abolition of LBT. While welcoming the announcement he expressed today it is a general feeling amongst traders that they have voted for a trust worthy government in state & by this announcement the otherwise shaken confidence of the trading community has been restored in the government & doubts are cleared in regards to abolition of LBT on August 1, 2015 as announced in state budget 2015.States in a press note issued by Manubhai Soni, Hon Secretary of the Chamber.