Published On : Mon, Jan 7th, 2013

Fake mobile tower racket operating in Nagpur, Citizens falling prey to indecent proposal

Nagpur News.

Next time you come across any advertisement offering you the monthly rental and huge sum of money along with a job for letting out your land for mobile tower, be careful before you give in to such a tempting proposal. It may sweep away your money instead.

The apparently lucrative proposals for installation of mobile towers are luring the residents, both rural and urban, into the trap of many fake companies. Many of them have fallen prey to the bait of these companies who come out with advertisements inviting the people to earn monthly income in lieu of giving their land for mobile towers on lease. However, the reality is that these dubious people do not actually operate in the segment and instead try to squeeze out money in the name of registration fee from the innocent buyer. The district administration seems to be quite ignorant over the prevailing situation that is keeping hard earned money of people at stake.

The advertisements that often appear in various newspapers may often read as offering advance deposit in the range of Rs 40 to Rs 80 lakh along with assured monthly rental of Rs 40 to Rs 85 thousand to the owners of terrace, open land, farm land under the pretext of hiring their piece of property for installing mobile towers. Not only this, the conmen even offers job to the kin of land owner for the maintenance works of mobile tower. Most of the citizens normally get carried away by such a handsome proposal and call at the number given with the advertisement.

When the number is called up, the female voice on the other end asks for details regarding the place, land and its official status. Then to give their target the feel of authenticity, they put forth series of formalities. When the information is duly furnished, it is followed by another call from the company that asks for registration fee ranging from Rs 2500 to Rs 8500. Considering the amount not too much for such a big deal as this, the people usually consent to giving the amount. The people are kept in confidence till the amount is duly deposited. They keep tempting the innocent land owners that there will be an agreement for 15, 20 and 25 years. Of the net targeted people, 20-30 percent of them relents to their ill intentions and end up losing their money. Immediately after the amount is deposited the number gets hanged up forever.

Sources reveal that such companies have cheated hundreds of people to the tune of crores of rupees. These people often tell that their head offices are at Gudgaon, Noida, Chennai or Bangalore.

Interestingly, these people have built up strong rapport with local administration and police department to operate firmly. It was evident from the past few incidences when people went to their office to claim their money back but they end up interacting with the cops.


Racket operating nationwide

Many of such fake companies functioning in the name of mobile tower installation for reputed service providers are difficult to be identified. Sources even alleged that these companies operate all over the country in collusion with their confidante in Ministry of Telecommunications. An estimate puts up the number of people in Nagpur falling prey to such indecent proposals to over a dozen.