Published On : Thu, May 29th, 2014

Fake godman lured 20 year old into magical wealth; Culprit on run as girl turns pregnant

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In what could be termed as exploitation of poor and needy by showing dreams of wealth, a fake baba promised showers of wealth from the sky and physically exploited a young lady at Saoner. Only when the woman became pregnant, did her parents come to know about the physical exploitation. Saoner police are on the look-out for the fake godman and his cohorts.

Poverty, the main cause:

20-year-old Neha (name changed) and a resident of Adarsh Nagar, Bada-Tajbagh, Nagpur has since registered a case against the offenders at Saoner Police Station while relating what happened with her.

The victim reportedly works as a nurse in a private hospital in Sakkardara area. Since the financial condition of her family was not well, her mother had asked for a loan of Rs 1000 from a woman for paying house rent in the month of January. That lady expressed her inability to loan the money, instead had introduced her to another woman. That lady readily agreed to give Neha’s mother the loan.

During the course of conversation, the woman had told Neha’s mother that there was a godman (baba) in Khawasa in Madhya Pradesh who helps in showering of rupee notes from the sky. He needs a 20 year-old girl to serve him. Somehow, the lady had convinced and persuaded Neha’s mother to send Neha with her to this self-styled mendicant’s (baba) ashram. The lady had taken Neha to the 70-year-old Baba twice. On both the occasions, the Baba had allegedly performed Puja after making Neha to take off her clothes. When the rupee notes did not rain, he kept telling some cock-and-bull story and some cooked-up reasons for the failure.

When the lady and Neha did not succeed with this godman, the lady convinced Neha to go along with her to another godman (Baba) who is supposedly more powerful and can solve all their problems through his magical powers. Gullible that Neha was, she agreed to accompany the lady to the other godman. Neha, the lady, her lover and two other people went to the second godman in Saoner by car.  There, Neha was taken to a house situated at Shakti Nagar in WCL Saoner Complex. The quarter is said to be allotted to an employee of WCL named Anil. At the quarter, the fake godman (Dhongi Baba) named Dilip Bhagat performed puja after making Neha took off  her clothes again and convinced her that she would get cash through some-person.

This occurred twice in 15 days. After one month, the fake baba made a phone call on Neha’s cell-phone and told her that the person who is giving money has arrived and that she too should reach the place as early as possible. As soon as Neha reached the quarter, in the guise of performing puja, Neha was rendered naked while the godman too became naked. Neha was exploited here also. She was warned not to relate the incident to anyone. However, Neha related the matter and the happenings to the lady who had taken her to the godman. Instead of getting angry at the fake godman, the lady asked Neha to keep quite or face the wrath of the powerful godman. Neha was physically exploited, molested and raped thrice at the same quarter by the fake godman. Since Neha was in urgent need of money, she could not complain or oppose her physical exploitation, however, she became pregnant. After that Neha told her mother about the entire episode.

Matter reaches police-station:

In a move to improve their financial condition, a mother faced the trauma of getting her daughter raped by fake godmen, which angered her and took her to Saoner Police Station to register a case against the fake mendicants and his cohorts. On the basis of Neha’s complaint and after recognizing him, WCL employee Anil (in whose quarter Neha was raped repeatedly) was arrested for questioning about the fake mendicant.

On the basis of Neha’s complaint, a case was registered against fake mendicant Dilip Bhagat, a resident of Bhramapuri area in Saoner, 70-year-old Dhongi Baba of Khawasa, Shabnam and her husband Mukhtar Khan, residents of the same area, Jyoti and her lover Khobragade, Jaya and her lover Badal and WCL employee Anil under section 376 (2), (K)(N), 506, 112, 120(B) & 341 RBW 3(2) and under Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman, Evil and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act, 2013 and are searching for the accused. Since the police do not have a detailed description of the accused, they are finding it difficult to trace them.

The young lady was sent to Government Medical College and Hospital for medical examination. On the guidance of Sub-Divisional Officer Dr Suryabhan Ingle, PSI Vijay Pote is investigating into the matter.