Published On : Tue, Feb 2nd, 2016

Facing heat, cops try to shift blame but 3 thrashed waiters nail the lie

Facing heat by Ambazari copsNagpur: The beating of three waiters allegedly by Ambazari cops has taken new twist and turn. On one hand the cops have vehemently denied their role in the beating incident and charged a security guard in-charge of bashing up the waiters and on the other hand, one of the victims has nailed the police lie in a video interview.

According to police, the security in-charge Sunil Ghurde had thrashed the three waiters of ‘Farm House Kithen’ hotel based in Bajaj Nagar in the night of Sunday. Ghurde has been booked under Section 323 of IPC. However, sources said that the Ambazari cops, facing heat, have put the blame on security in-charge and ‘forced’ the three victims Anshulal Vishwakarma, Krushna Dwivedi and Surendra Vishwakarma to give written statement giving clean chit to the cops. It seems the cops managed to hush up the matter and at the same time, put the security in-charge in the corner. The three waiters, after receiving the ‘harsh treatment’ allegedly at the hands of cops and getting admitted in the Ravinagar-based Dande Hospital after let-off, tried to come out with truth and in the process nailed the lie being spread by cops.

It may be recalled that Nagpur Today had run a report titled “Ambazari cops allegedly bash up 3 waiters in highhanded act” in which it was stated that ‘Cops attached to Ambazari Police Station reportedly resorted to ‘highhandedness’ and ‘heavy hand’ tactics by trashing three ‘innocent’ youths black and blue.  According to sources, the three ‘victims’ Anshulal Vishwakarma, Krushna Dwivedi and Surendra Vishwakarma, originally hailing from Riva (MP), work as waiters in a Bajaj Nagar-based hotel ‘Farm House Kitchen.’ Anshulal and Krushna sleep in the hotel itself after finishing their work while Surendra, apart from being waiter, carries centering work. On Sunday night, Anshulal and Krushna had gone to drop Surendra at his centering site near VTC gate. At the same time, Ambazari cops on patrol duty, stopped the trio near Samadhan Beer Bar and started questioning them. The threesome told cops that they work as waiters and were going to drop one of them.

However, allegedly for no reason, the cops started beating them severely and also took them to police station. There, the three waiters were ‘treated badly’ for the entire night. It is learnt that the three friends reportedly received internal as well as outer injuries as a result of beating at the hands of the cops. In the morning, the three waiters were let off but with the warning to keep quiet or face the consequences of severe nature. The ‘heckled’ and ‘manhandled’ trio Anshulal Vishwakarma, Krushna Dwivedi and Surendra Vishwakarma got themselves admitted in Dande Hospital at Ravinagar Square for treatment of injuries’.