Published On : Wed, Jul 1st, 2015

Facebook Lite: Now access Facebook at higher speed even on 2G service

17584-cf21a4cd_945_556Nagpur: When it comes to making the users happy, Facebook does it all. Recently, Facebook launched its brand new app on June 29, 2015, which enables less data consumption for 2G and 3G users.

FB Lite is built to use lesser data and work well in constrained telecommunications network conditions. So for the users on 2G band with it uses lesser data and the streaming becomes hassle-free. But in India, users who are on 3G can save a lot of data by using this application.

The application supports all features of Facebook which consume lesser data, such as viewing and commenting on their News Feed, posting Status Updates, viewing and sharing photos, receiving notifications, messaging friends, having group conversations, and more. What it doesn’t support is videos and advanced location services which consume higher data.

So, if you are 3G user and stream videos on Facebook, curb your data usage using Facebook lite.


Product Manager of Facebook Lite Vijay Shankar claimed that there are a large number of users who are on 2G, and one of the feedbacks that they have received is that the app does not load fast on some devices. This lighter version has been developed so that the app works well across all network conditions and on all types of phones”.

As per Facebook, the new app will also be available in Asia and in part of Europe, Africa, and Latin America in coming weeks. In many areas, networks can be slow and not able to support all the functionality found in Facebook for Android claimed the leading social network said in an online post few weeks ago. “Facebook Lite was built for these situations, giving people a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is at a minimum.” added the post.