Published On : Sat, Nov 26th, 2016

Exposed : NMC’s Clean Nagpur Drive is farce


Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation has been patting its back over cleanliness and sanitation, however, the real picture is rather filthy. The civic body has been banking on private waste management contractor Kanak Resources which do not have proper resources and staff as per the rules.

Even the NMC’s Health Department has been inactive with lackadaisical approach. The department is painting rosy picture of clean city, however, the fact remains that the contractor as well as NMC leverage their efforts in the areas dominated by influential people. Rest of the staff have been relying on sweepers who along with their seniors at NMC head office are only keeping the officials happy, leaving the people to suffer.

It is said that charity begins at home and same holds true in case of cleanliness. But a close look at NMC offices totally trashes this notion. Every corner of NMC office is littered with spits.

Barring a few, most of the rooms at NMC office are full of stink and filth. The stairs to the terrace have converted into a smoking zone, while the terrace at first floor has become a scrap dumping yard.

Talk of hygiene and you need to visit corridors of NMC head office to set the classic example of how unhygienic the places of work can be. The toilets stink badly and there are no hand wash or soaps even. The officials, it appears are only concerned about getting some distinction in the name of cleanliness.