Published On : Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

Exposed Mahagenco now in cover-up act on sale of scrap worth crores

: Mahagenco sold the 4 old units of Koradi (3 units of 120 MW and 1 unit of 105 MW) converted into junk and sold the for the value of penny’s. While this unit was operating till the year 2010. power was not generation was stalled here due to use of low and bad quality coal. This unit was shown as the junk later in the year 2012 and then audited. After the inquiry, the sale price of 60.60 was fixed for the deal by the department. While the buyers and Mahagenco’s experts have said, the said junk was easily sold in ’25 paisa ‘, in which indirect helpers Received share. This case was first publicized by Nagpur today.

Sunvijay Riroling Engineering Works, a popular group is the purchaser of the said controversial junk. Some months ago, 25 crore rupees owned by this group was taken by a vicious person from Ramdaspeeth, but as this amount comes under the category of black money, so they didn’t approached the police. They came back in focus when they began to produce “Ready to eat” products, which were quite expensive than other well-known manufacturers of products. And a question was raised that, how and why has an iron merchant sprung up in the construction sector.

The said so-called scam was woven with auction play very smartly. In the auction, the same and only one company took part, which was part of the definitive strategy, was given the special award, in which both Khadi and Khaki-bearers have a equal part. This case After being public, if the state government gets embarrassed and takes major action then also anyone from Khaki-bearers will be martyred and Khadi will still be saved. The Khadi-dhari being discussed in this matter, has the blessings of his boss Union minister and his state supremos in khadi often do ignore, because arguably worth his starched khadi, which is connected to the auction, is adjacent to the RSS’s next supremo. Currently the case is undergoing a cover by the department for preventing it from far political blow.