Published On : Thu, Mar 14th, 2024

Exploring Nagpur’s finest Momos spots!

Embark on a delectable journey with Radhika Gupta from Nagpur Today as she unveils the top 5 destinations for relishing mouth-watering momos in the city.

1. Gurung Momos, Hislop College: Gurung Momos, located near Hislop College, holds a special place in Radhika’s heart as it was where she first tried Momos in her life. Run by Bandana Aunty and her husband for the past 18 years, this stall introduced Momos to Nagpur.

2. Everest Momos, Poonam Chambers: Everest Momos in Poonam Chambers is a go-to spot for relishing the delicacy. It serves Momos with their irresistible red chutney that adds an extra layer of flavour to the dish.

3. Dahiya Momos, Pratap Nagar: Another favourite spot is Dahiya Momos in Pratap Nagar. The unique flavours and preparations at this Momo Centre have earned it a spot among the preferred choices.

4.Yummi Momos, Beside Shabana Bakery: Yummi Momos, located beside Shabana Bakery, is another destination that Nagpur Today recommends for Momo enthusiasts. The specific qualities that make these Momos stand out are yet to be revealed.

5. Sharma Momos, Seminary Hills: Unveiling a hidden gem nestled in the hills, Nagpur Today introduces Sharma Momos in Seminary Hills. Praising not only the delectable filling but also the larger size of the momos, it encourages everyone to give these Momos a try.

Share Your Favourites: Have you discovered your personal favourite Momo spot in Nagpur? We invite you to share your go-to momo centres in the comments below. Stay tuned for more culinary explorations on Nagpur Today!