Published On : Mon, Nov 3rd, 2014

Expectations of Youth from Mr. Devendra Fadnavis


BJP-3It’s a new beginning in Maharashtra, one of the most prosperous states of India. With new government taking charge after a historic mandate by people, all eyes are on Mr. Clean of Nagpur Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. The perceived popular parties/leaders have been shown door by people of Maharashtra. The road ahead will not be easy for Devendra Fadnavis. The challenge of numbers in assembly, leading an elder team of ministers, pessimistic outlook on economy, and huge expectation of people would surely bring difficulties for Devendra Babu. The most optimistic side of this change is “Freshness” with no baggage of previous regime; it’s all a new “lemony” start for Devendra Fadnavis and BJP in Maharashtra.

Apart of other pressing issues which would find a place in Menu for Devendra Fadnavis, I would like to particularly bring attention towards Educated Youth in Maharashtra. The expectations of Youth are around Job creation and Skill building. Let me start with 3 facts to set the context:

  • India is ranked 134 in world on “Ease of doing business”
  • India is ranked 66 in world on “Innovation”
  • Indian universities/institutions hardly find a place in top 100

Everything is changing in India, with new hope, new era, new optimism, Its time to change Education in our own India. We can expect courage, fundamentally relevant and unbiased X-ray of our higher education system and let it undergo a makeover. Education, unfortunately has become a tool for few powerful Neta’s (read Social workers) for money making and society status. We hope Mr. Clean would look through unbiased lens to clean up the education as part of larger “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” in Maharashtra.

Having spent many years in IT industry and closely worked with education institutions on Skill building, Employability and Entrepreneurship; here is list of actions which could brighten the prospects of youth in Maharashtra. We the people of Maharashtra are hopeful and optimistic for a true “Surajya” here with our hopes are alive as always.

Private participation in Education

Education is supposed to be charity in India but the reality is very different. Either open education for privatization or stop business on the name of social work. Private practicing companies/individuals would be able to do a better job in training . Private organizations with relevant expertise would be able to add good value in education and contribute towards employable youth. Education ecosystem is not able to judge the potential of ideas or talent. There is a need for igniting passion in faculties towards their noble job of “education” and bring practicing people in mainstream education. If required amend the rules, give incentive to professionals to play role in education. Current System is made to run on compliance driven approach where the focus is just to adhere to minimal requirements (for establishing and running colleges) but on real intent for quality. Professionals would be more open to change and relevant system for bringing focus on quality rather than just compliance oriented approach would be attempted. There is limitation of faculties to support & nurture (good ones do not join Education). There is a big need to attract right people to join and contribute in Education. Mr. Fadnavis would have to visualize, a larger role for private organizations.

Focus on Skill Building

The system has extra emphasis on infrastructure whereas more value would come out with quality education by trained faculties. The faculties are ill equipped to provide the relevant practical training. Just concepts do not work. Organizations end up spending a lot of efforts, time and money to make hired employees as productive work force. Real life connect in students training/projects is missing (industry need). An extensive program to focus on industry wise skill building is the need. Steps like supporting industries to take up skill building in colleges, encouraging government funded skill building training (In real sense and not just on paper). Devendra Fadnavis must roll out a comprehensive study to figure out mandatory skills for each stream of education. It would be essential to carve out more and more intersections for Industries in education sector.

Focus on Job Creation

Entrepreneur ecosystem needs a real push for Job creation. More and more business ventures by youngsters would fuel the job creation. The overhauling the system towards single window and ease is starting new business are must. Devendra Fadnavis could also look at creating a dedicated government fund for innovative start-ups. Innovation needs encouragement by the new Government with high set of hopes from youngsters. Historically we have inherent traits of being a follower and not a creator/leader (always being ruled by others). With positive changes like a common unknown face becoming CM of Maharashtra, we could expect more courage for change and openness. Very less number of students opting for passion careers (Many of them do shift after few years) and there is need to bring career awareness/assessment in school, so that youth do not loose precious time to find out what is best career/job.

Is Corruption free education possible ?

Corruption in education is a big cause of concern. Right from certifications, accreditation to jobs posting to award of marks, Corruption has been successful to make good inroads. There is a need for bringing greater accountability and bringing out facts on the name of trusts and societies. Good people do not get into education because of this. Can we remove the red tapism, bring more technology and transparency? There are very few examples where leaders/owners put their heart and soul into an institution (Most of them are owned by politicians, industrialists). Are owners of institutions educated enough to say no to corruption and really follow path of “Suraj”.

Youth dream’s of making, a better place where talent converges with right opportunities. Expecting a radical change in our system may not be right but gradually we need to open our arms for changes, embrace them and make step forward. Mr. Fadnavis, we would assure you that, as a parent, as a teacher, as a student, as a citizen, we would be open to courageous bold & radical steps.

Finally we as a country, we are innovating, Governance is innovated, leadership is innovating, so we need to innovate for ourselves, for betterment of Maharashtra , for better economy, for better life and above all for better opportunities for our children. We citizens of Maharashtra are optimistic that with this new leadership change would bring courage to hit the tough corners. We would take steps towards a better Maharashtra and make it truly a MAHA-Rashtra.

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