Published On : Sun, Aug 9th, 2015

Excitement settles down, but memories of Friendship’s Day bash still remain


Scintillating lights, soul stirring sounds, groovy mix and cheerful moves may not sound pampering Friendship idea to some but for many others out there on this planet, it just a whole world around! Towards the dusk of Friendship Day, as the excitement settled down and friends were done with delightful exchanges, there emerged a Lord of Music, Masti and Extravaganza for all cool guys and gals who passionately matched steps, shared vibes and fantastic moments to compliment their Friendship. The Lord to whom the crazy crowd saluted with panache and oomph of style… all in Nagpur way

Trending high this Friendship Day was the BoomBox Festival which colored the equation between close, closer and even not so close friends. Well ,all grooved to the sentiments which grew rich as the evening lent its charm and hovered all over the atmosphere.