Published On : Sat, Oct 6th, 2012

Ex-Indira Gandhi Government Medical College dean faces charge of doctoring date of birth – The Times of India

NAGPUR: A discrepancy has been noticed in the date of birth of Yavatmal medical college dean Dr AP Dongre, who was earlier dean of Indira Gandhi Government Medical College (IGGMC). The directorate of medical education and research (DMER) recently conducted an inquiry into the change in the date in the ‘service book’ of Dr Dongre, where the date was changed from November 27, 1952 to 1953.

The DMER team was in the city last week to visit IGGMC and the Yavatmal College. It recorded Dr Dongre’s statement and is learnt to have already submitted a report to the state government. Yet, DMER director Dr Pravin Shingare told TOI that he had not seen the inquiry report himself since DMER joint director Dr N Ambore was the inquiry officer. “I cannot comment on a report which I have not seen myself,” he said.

DMER conducted the inquiry based on a written complaint by an employee of the Yavatmal college.

Interestingly, three different documents (two available with TOI) obtained by a citizen under RTI have three different dates of birth for Dr Dongre. The school leaving certificate from Mecosabagh Methodist High School in Nagpur says his date of birth is November 27, 1952. Sources in DMER and Yavatmal college say that his service book, as per the complaint filed by an employee, shows a change (overwriting and rewriting) to November 27, 1953, with verification stamp of IGGMC on the left side in 1990.

However, a declaration by Dr Dongre in June 2010 at IGGMC to the Medical Council of India (MCI) clearly shows the birth date as per his PAN card, submitted by him as ID proof, as November 27, 1954.

Speaking to TOI, Dr Dongre denied having made any changes in the service book himself. “I have not made any such change myself nor am aware of this change. Had I been aware of it, I would have complained. My correct date of birth is surely the one mentioned in my school leaving certificate. I am aware I should retire in 2014, when I will be 62 years,” said Dr Dongre.

However, he could not explain the entry in the declaration form. “May be the clerks filled the form wrong during the MCI inspection at IGGMC, since they filled the form and I signed it without actually verifying it,” he said.

However, the clerk would not write a new date on his own. He must have taken the date from the PAN card, which was made using the wrong documents. “It is unbelievable that a person of his stature signs an important document without reading it,” said a senior teacher at IGGMC.

The positive aspect in favour of Dr Dongre is that he is not directly responsible for any changes made without his knowledge in his service book. But no one else would be interested in changing his date of birth. There is a possibility that the clerks or administrative officers who changed his date of birth on their own or on his request will be nailed in the inquiry.

Sources and experts say the every employee’s service book, including the dean’s, is kept safe in the administrative section of the college. There are two service books, with the original at the college while a copy remains with the employee himself.

“The date of birth and seniority list of an employee is always mentioned on the first page of the book, which never changes. How can someone miss any change on the first page of the book? There is something fishy. Three different documents can’t have three different dates,” said a senior DMER staff.

Also, as per the Maharashtra government service rules, an individual is allowed to make changes in date of birth within five years of taking up the job only. After that, the government does not accept any change in date of birth.