Published On : Tue, Aug 12th, 2014

Ethnol run Bus to hit many roadblocks in Nagpur

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With the depletion of petroleum products from nature, every country has been striving to develop alternate fuels to run transport vehicles. Development of alternatively fueled engines has become vital in order to meet the increasingly stringent emissions norms being implemented globally. The alternative fuels provide a cost benefit, due to the lower costs of production of these fuels. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Hydrogen-CNG blended fuel (HCNG) are promising alternative fuels in India.

Nagpur Today spoke to Regional Transport Officer Chauhan who said that the Ethanol Buses are proposed to be launched for Nagpur Roads. However, the RTO Nagpur said that the approval of a bus is the Central Government’s prerogative. They alone can certify the bus’s road worthiness. However, there are many agencies that perform the R&D on these buses and approve them for mass production and use on the roads. He said that in Maharasshtra, ARAI based in Pune is an authorized agency for testing and certifying following types of vehicles and engines used for both automotive and non-automotive applications.

He said that once the Central Government gets the final nod from ARAI, they will approve the vehicle for the entire nation. Once approved by the Central Government, whichever agency intends to run the buses, should approach the RTO and they will get RTO registration. This too is going to be tedious process requiring many documents. He added that till date, the approval from ARAI has not been received by the Central Government. Hence, the buses run on Ethanol are going to be a distant dream at least for Nagpur Roads.


About ARAI: The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has been playing a crucial role in assuring safe, less polluting and more efficient vehicles. ARAI provides technical expertise in R & D, testing, certification, homologation and framing of vehicle regulations. ARAI is well-equipped with state-of-the-art infra-structural facilities and highly qualified manpower.