Published On : Thu, May 19th, 2016

Entire Nagpur a billboard for ruling BJP?


It is a fact that cannot be denied – the grip of ruling party BJP is complete over Nagpur. At the local NMC level, at the state capital Mumbai level and in National capital Delhi too.

But does that mean they can use the entire city roads, cross roads, intersections and private buildings too to ‘inform the public about a health camp they plan to hold on the 27th of May 2016’ that just also happens to be the birthday of Nagpur M.P. and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari? In fact the poster makes no bones about the fact that the ‘shibir’ is to celebrate their leader’s birthday. It is because he turns an year older that the entire South-West living Nagpurpurian gets to get his/ her health checked for free! Wait a minute – not just get health checked, but ailment ( ‘rog’) detected and surgery also thrown in… for free or not, isn’t made very clear. But the implication seems so.

These hoardings are ubiquitous – you just cannot miss them. Of considerable size – naturally, a lot of photographs from the P.M. to the C.M. to the Mayor to Corporators – have to be accommodated, they are placed just everywhere.

You drive from Bajaj-Nagar to Laxmi Nagar and you come across at least 5. All at eye level. Just guess how many there must be all over the city? A 100… or 500?? Or are they placed only in the above mentioned South – West , that is the C.M’s constituency?It is anybody’s guess.


Don’t ask questions like where did the cash strapped NMC get the money to print and put up these hoardings or who is going to bear the cost of the enormous medical camp. It is to be held at the ‘Mundle school’ but surprisingly no Doctor’s name is mentioned on the hoarding. All just politicians…

Do not also ask why the rest of Nagpur is left out? Gadkariji is Member of Parliament representing the entire Lok Sabha constituency of Nagpur, right? So isn’t the disease detection of every citizen important? Or are there different hoardings for different areas of the city??

Whatever the answers to such questions are – they tell us whose health is just fine and who holds complete sway over us. You look in any direction and you see them. Politicians/ leaders/ Monarchs, just who are they?

Nagpur Today seems to remember that just some time ago, the courts had frowned on such vulgar displays on ‘leader’s birthdays’. Well, they seem to have found a way to work round this admonition. So people living in the C.M.’s constituency – go find out what ails you this May 27th. It’s for free!