Published On : Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015

Ensaara Metropark misguides customers with its false location, Experts react sharply


The ongoing slack in Nagpur property market has led many upscale builders to dish out with many lucrative offers promising more than what they can actually deliver. Many such projects are coming up on city’s outskirts, which are luring the customers with heavy discounts and often misguiding ways. However a township named Ensaara Metropark coming up on Nagpur’s undeveloped rural locality Pipla has even went a step ahead and desperately misguiding the customers not only in terms of its location but also the basic amenities they are providing. The developers described Ensaara Metropark’s location as SoNa (categorically called South Nagpur) which is certainly not the case. Actually South Nagpur is an assembly constituency well within NMC limits whereas Ensaara Metropark is located in Nagpur’s rural area where the development is still a far-fetched dream. Despite the grim ground reality that includes severe scarcity of water in the area, the developers are painting rosy picture of their township, only to get the maximum customers into buying their properties.

Ensaara Metropark is developed by Luxora Infrastructure Private Limited and is jointly promoted by the Aanya Group and Luxora Group. The organization claims that they have over 30 years of experience in residential real estate development. In one of the advertisements publicizing Ensaara, both print and video advertisement visible in various theaters, the company claims that Ensaara is coming up at South Nagpur. The promoters call it as SONA (SO representing South and NA representing Nagpur) whereas in reality the township is not coming-up in South Nagpur. The township is in reality coming up in Nagpur Rural under Ensaara Metropark, Mouza Pipla, Nagpur Tehsil. This way the company has not only flouted the norms prescribed by Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), but also keeping the customers in dark.

Legal body and code

Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) not only has a detailed code to ensure truth in advertising but also allows you to file complaints against complaints online ( Chairman of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) Partha Rakshit has claimed that it is the role of ASCI to monitor advertisements and its job in taking action against misleading and offensive advertisements.

Water problem peaks in summer

The problem will arise only when people purchase property at Ensaara and start living there. They may face problems of water crunch during peak summer season. Nagpur Today spoke to some of the villagers of the Pipla village, who said that during peak summer season, they have to rely on the water tankers from the city. That too limited amount of water is rationed to each house hold. Yet, the promoters of Ensaara Metropark are brazenly advertising that there is ample water supply in their property. Sources revealed that the company is relying on rain water harvesting to get the desired water level however it alone would not suffice the vast size of the township.

Meanwhile Nagpur Today spoke few of the experts and get their views on the brazen violation by Ensaara Metropark

Its a crime, says South Zone EE

While speaking to the Executive Engineer, In-Charge of South Zone Anil Rathod, while speaking to Nagpur Today said that the Ensaara Metropark is coming up outside the urban area of Nagpur. He said that Nagpur is divided broadly into two zones. One is the Urban Zone and the second is the Rural Zone. Many areas are falling within the Nagpur rural region. Many schemes and townships too are coming up in these rural areas. However, claiming them to be within Nagpur Urban area is a crime.

No different from conmen

Advocate Ranjit Sardey of High Court, who claimed that when reputed businessmen resort to such cheap antics to woo the customers, what is wrong with other conmen. They are also trying to con the innocent masses through wrong, false advertisement. He claimed that this is almost similar to the fairness cream claiming to make even the darkest skinned person fair.

Blindly overcharging the customers

Another High Court lawyer Rahil Shinde of High Court, who added that most property dealers and promoters resort to such advertisements. They claim one thing in the advertisement, and when people go to their offices, they show something else, or better still, they agree to one thing when the people book the flats or houses and later charge them exorbitant rates claiming inflation and increase in the prices of the goods advertised for. However, very less persons come forward to register a case. This is what has led these companies to continue to con innocent masses.