Published On : Thu, Jun 9th, 2016

Enraged mob ransack SNDL offices, thrash officials over power outage in North Nagpur

WhatsApp-Image-20160609Nagpur: The very first pre-monsoon rains brought to fore the preparedness of SNDL in dealing with the power supply on June 8, 2016. With strong winds, rains accompanied by thunder-lightning, many branches and trees fell down. Some of these dislodged branches also fell down on the power-cables and lines breaking them. The breaking of power-cables in-turn caused many areas to plunge into total darkness.

With people from a particular religion observing fast throughout the day and getting only the nights to eat food and rest, the lack of electricity enraged them.

Many other residents of North Nagpur including Jaripatka, Indora, Kadbi Square, Mecosabagh, Panchpaoli area etc faced total darkness due to lack of power supply throughout the night. This was because of the sultry climate and humidity which needed a fan to cool and light to ensure children’s studies, cooking dinner etc. The power supply was restored only at 8 am on June 9, 2016.

What enraged the public?

As soon as power supply went off, the masses waited for a long time and, when the power supply was not restored, they called the local office of SNDL which is looking after the power supply. When no staff or employee was seen in these SNDL offices to listen to their woes or to inform them that work is on and the time it will take for power supply to resume, then they get enraged. Those citizens who acquired phone numbers of senior personnel of SNDL too were trying to call them for information on restoration of power supply. However, these officials chose not to answer repeated calls. Non-committal answers, lackadaisical attitude enraged the masses.

What did the irate mob do?

The irate mob reached the Govind Bhavan SNDL Office situated below the flyover connecting Kadbi Square to Sadar Area. Finding no one there, the irate mob, ransacked the premises. The tables, chairs, coolers, water-filters, wall clocks etc. were damaged. The mob broke everything that they could lay their hands on.

The mob then went to the SNDL office situated at LIG Colony. There the mob encountered one Section Engineer and four employees of SNDL. They became the victims of the mob’s ire. The cops who reached the spot, called the police control room requesting for additional force. However, only a van with 12 constables and a lady Police Sub Inspector reached the spot. The arrival of the cops seemed to only enrage the mob further and they went ahead and ransacked that office too. The mob claimed that if they did not have power supply, no one else should have the power supply.

WhatsApp-Image-20160609 (1)Not satisfied with this they attempted to stage a Chakka Jam at Indora Square. However, the cops pacified them and got the road cleared. Some of the mobsters threw stones at some city buses and private travels’ buses. Looting even the road-side vendors’ carts was on.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Bharat Tangde who was on Night Rounds, said that he tried his level best to pacify the enraged citizens. However, lack of officials of SNDL in the offices, who should be available for answering questions of power consumers enraged the crowd. With the severance of power, traffic lights were not working in many squares causing traffic jams. However, the law and order did not go out of hand he added.