Published On : Wed, Aug 3rd, 2016

Energy Minister showed all family members as PAPs; got them jobs after forging docs!

IMG_20160802_073409Nagpur: Nagpur District’s Guardian Minister and State Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has caught the eye of storm for his alleged role in doling out jobs to his family members and kin against land acquisition for Koradi Thermal Power Plant. He has allegedly forged the records to show many of his family members including his cousins as project affected people (PAP). Blowing the lid off the scam through documentary evidence, the copies of which are in possession of Nagpur Today, NCP leader Kishore Chaudhari has stirred the hornet’s nest as he claimed that Bawankule not only got the fake certificate of PAPs for his kin but also got most of them to jobs in the power plant as well as Mahanirmiti and Mahavitaran.

Chaudhari, a resident of village Dahegaon Rangari near Nagpur, revealed that some land in mouja Khasala in Kamptee tehsil was earmarked for acquisition for dumping fly ash of Koradi thermal power plant. The land owners were duly compensated in lieu of the acquisition. At that time, the house no. 173 reportedly owned by Bawankule’s father Krishnarao Khumanrao Bawankule was also acquisitioned. However with intent to squeeze maximum gains, Chandrashekhar Bawankule illegally showed the house in the name of 9 people of his family in connivance with the then land records officer, rehabilitation officer and the concerned officials of Koradi power station. Chaudhari alleged that Bawankule drew compensation for all of them and even got 5 of them appointed in various jobs.

Chaudhari also presented a list of Bawankule’s family members who were shown as project affected people and also the certificates made in their names.


Names of family members                                Names on PAP Certificate

Krishnarao Khumanrao Bawankule                      Narayan Krishnarao Bawankule (son)

Khumanrao Atmaram Bawankule                        Yadunandan Krishnarao Bawankule (grandson)

Narayan Krishnarao Bawankule                           Kavita Narayan Bawankule (wife)

Prabhavati Krishnarao Bawankule                      Nandkishore Krishnarao Bawankule (son)

Purushottam Krishnarao Bawankule                    Self

Chandrashekhar Krishnarao Bawankule             Self

Kavita Vasantrao Barde                                             Self

Shevanti Devrao Dakhode                                        Self

Jayendra Dhanraj Barde                                            Self

Khumanrao Atmaram Bawankule             Malti Harichandra Bawankule (grand daughter)


The Family Connection!

Against the respective PAP certificates, Yadunandan Krishnarao Bawankule, Narayan Krishnarao Bawankule, Kavita Vasantrao Barde,  Kavita Narayan Bawankule and Malti Harichandra Bawankule are currently serving on different posts in Mahanirmiti and Mahavitaran. Yadunandan (grandson) and Malti are allegedly serving the posts as heirs of project affected Khumanrao. The government rules provide for jobs to single member of a family whereas two people were assigned jobs in the name of one project affected person.

Murky Job Trail

Chaudhari even went on to allege that fake ITI certificates were produced to fit into the criteria for respective jobs. He informed that Narayan Krishnarao Bawankule was granted job in Mahavitaran in order to support the livelihood of his father Krishnarao. Interestingly Narayan was also shown as a project affected and his wife Kavita was assigned job in Mahanirmiti, Khaparkheda in 2014, after being made nominee for Narayan. It may be mentioned that Kavita Vasantrao Barde and Jayendra Dhanraj Barde are maternal cousins of Chandrashekhar Bawankule, whose fathers belong to the village affected by Koradi project. Both of them were also given jobs.

Bawankule’s wife was minor!

Chaudhari pointed out that Bawankule’s wife Jyoti Shreedhar Bondre (before marriage) was minor as on September 8, 1985. She did not even have any land in her name in Khasala village. But her name was illegally shown as project affected people and her brother Pramod Shreedhar Bondre was given job through this PAP certificate. Strangely, the compensation certificate was made when even Jyoti was not married to Bawankule as she was minor at that time. Chaudhari questioned that when Jyoti was not connected in any way with Bawankule, then how come she was considered as beneficiary?

Letter of assignment illegal!

In his documents, Kishore Chaudhari alleged that even the letter of assignment from Kamptee Naib Tahsildar office was illegal, which was prepared after issuance of notice under section 4 and section 9 for land acquisition. As per the law, the letter of assignment should be duly registered from deputy registrar office at Kamptee, which was blatantly ignored in this case. Chaudhari has demanded that the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis should order a high level probe and take legal action against those involved in the alleged scam.

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