Published On : Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

Energy Minister likely to be shifted for his antics with builder lobby ?

Mumbai/Nagpur: All is actually not well between the State Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule and the builder lobby flourishing in the fringes of Mumbai, Nagpur and beyond. Here comes a startling information from the construction and political circles combine! Highly placed sources informed that the builders were apparently displeased with the State Energy Minister to such an extent that a formal complaint in this regard has reached the BJP national president. Insiders revealed that the party chief pulled the concerned minister for his unkind gesture and even warned him to mend ways, or else he would be shunted or shifted from his current portfolio.

It may be noted that the present State Energy Minister has assumed office for the first term. But, the doyens in sugar lobby and builder lobby reportedly have their say in the governance matters. At present the builder lobby is reportedly having its contentions. Sources even reported that whatever works have been done so far, they are maximum in the interest of builder lobby only.

Minister’s nay to builders

Sources reported that in Maharashtra, the private housing schemes are being run by North Indian lobby, mainly Rajasthani lobby or Gujarati lobby. It is learnt that the coal supply and other material linked with Energy Ministry is liable to be supplied by these unofficial dictators. In the current situation, the state energy minister is reportedly in a fix and running into cold war with the builder lobby. The bone of contention here is that the said ministry has reportedly refused budge over this lobby’s fair (or rather unfair) demands.

When episode turned high voltage drama!

Sources revealed that this episode was quite evident in a meeting held during July 18-20, at the BJP state headquarters in Mumbai. The Chief Minister was apparently unhappy with the functioning of Energy Minister. The builder lobby allegedly lodged complaint with BJP national president Amit Shah. Shah apprised PM Narendra Modi of this development. Modi and Shah advised the builder lobby to observe patience, and both of them cautioned Energy Minister that if he did not restrain himself from exercising control over the North Indian lobby, Gujarati lobby and Rajasthani lobby, and also supply of required energy equipment and coal, etc, by them, his department/ ministry might be changed, sources added. However sources affirmed that the chances of his removal are bleak as he is backed by the region’s most powerful party leader and also a Union Minister.

Bapu thrashed Joshi

It is said that the kettle is hotter than the tea. In tune with this saying, Energy Minister’s brother Bapu and his punters Lalla joined with others had thrashed engineer Joshi, and despite receiving information about it top bosses  could not do anything in favour of their junior engineer.

BJP trouble-creaters enjoy liberty

When INTUC leader Ratnadeep Rangari had staged agitation on his justified demands in the power plant in the month of July, the Energy Minister pressurized the officials of energy department  and got the police cases filed against all agitators in the police station concerned. Recently, when an incident of BJP supporters thrashing blue and black a dozen engineers in their office occurred, not a single police case was registered against any one.