Encroachment Encroachment everywhere, NMC fails to do a thing!

Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation seems to be unsuccessful in demolishing encroachments over its own land. After the encroachment over the Panchpawli market, it is the D.P. Road of Division 26 which is facing the same fate.

As has been informed, D.P. road which joins with Middle Ring Road runs in a stretch of half kilometre and width of 100 ft. A 250 metre area in the centre of this road has been encroached for past 25 years. Around one and half dozen houses have been constructed on this road illegally. However, neither NMC is trying to demolish the same nor attempting to broaden the road for ease of the passersby.

Corporator of area, Dway Dharampal Meshram and Bunty Kukde, recently approached Krishna Khopde, MLA and Ashwin Mudgal, Commissioner, NMC and shared the details of the current scenario. The officials have also conducted an inspection of the area to analyse the entire issue.

Mudgal has also ordered for a probe in the matter. However, the details of the same have not been shared with the media. It is worth mentioning that the slapdash of NMC are promoting infringement and loss of its own land. In addition, no stern action is being taken to overcome the same.