Published On : Thu, Mar 27th, 2014

Elements Lounge & Restaurant : Fine Dine and Wine with high end party venue

Lounge is a concept in hospitality industry where people are expected to enjoy the wine and dine experience in a relaxed manner with chit chat and camaraderie with friends. Ambience, Lighting and Music are integral part of lounge experience apart from good food and great wine. Nagpur has few such place and one of them is “Elements”



Elements is a pure veg restaurant and lounge situated at the ground floor of Poonam Mall (Inox), Wardhaman Nagar. It’s hard to miss as the entire facade of the restro lounge is exuberantly decorated and attractive. The attention to design is visible from the entrance itself. The elegant logo of “elements” catches the eye easily.

Lounge Interior and Ambience:

Against to the counter you see a lavishly decorated entrance to the lounge. When you enter, you are welcomed in a exquisitely designed passage area through which you can enter the lovely lounge. The passage area hosts an Emperor style chair may be to take selfies with an attitude or may be a group photo with crazy friends going cuckoo with the click of the camera button.

IMG_1712As you enter the lounge, you admire its spaciousness and vibrant ambience. There’s space to host around 100+ people in comfort of cosy sofas. Major part of the interior is lights. You can see different types of lighting in every nook and corner.

Overall both the restaurant and lounge interior and ambience is upmarket, lavish and exuberant.


Though it is a fully vegetarian restaurant, it offers full range of cuisines including Tandoor, North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental.

The menu is quiet comprehensive and everyone can find something of their choice in it. It in fact also has Street food (11am to 7pm), Saoji and Jain options too. A vast range of vegetarian food for sure.


Though I would have loved to report on the western cuisines in detail, I was served more with Indian and Chinese Dishes. First of all I was greeted with a fruit juice which I liked. Then a variety of starter were presented. I loved the soft and moist cheese seekh kebabs served it tasty mint chutney. I also tried Fusilli in Red Sauce which I found too sour and did not like it. Then came the unique dish named Kurkure Potato. With a crispy coating on outside and soft insides, it had a different texture and lovely taste. It also came with a good mint chutney.

IMG_1676 (1)Next on the table was Chinese Platter with chilly paneer, crispy veg and crispy american corn in it. I liked the chilly paneer a lot, but found the other two of average taste. Next time, I would rather go for a full portion of chilly panner.

IMG_1680In main course, we were shown curry dishes of 3 colours i.e. Paneer Butter Masala in Red Gravy, Lahasooni Corn Palak in Green Gravy and Nargisi Kofta in Orangish Yellow Gravy. Though we could not taste these dishes, I would definitely try the Nargisi Kofta as the presentation looks intriguing.

IMG_1696Talking about presentation, I must mention that Elements Restro Lounge gets top marks in Food presentation or dish decoration. Each dish is uniquely presented which makes you eager to eat it.

Coming back to taste of food, I got was served with Veg Pulav, Veg Biryani with raita and Daal Tadaka. While I found the Veg Biryani to be of average taste and the raita unbearably tangy and sour, I loved the Daal and Veg Pulav. These two are my most loved dishes of all the dishes offered for tasting. I would strongly recommend you to end your meal with these two dishes. I was satiated and happy at the end of the meal and as they say “All is well that ends well”


Though the staff is quickly at your service when called, I think being a food critic, I was not looked after as customer. That some times resulted in presenting dishes without fork, spoon and knife. Some times plates were not provided. All was sorted immediately after calling the waiter however, I did not get a chance to review the service as it is offered to a general customer. So based on my experience, I would say there is a huge scope of improvement in this aspect.

Party Venue:

Though most customers of “elements” prefer seat in the lounge for its decor, it is a great venue for party. With the best sound installation, best acoustics and unique light controls, this can be a great place for private parties. As the bar offers any kind and class of beverage, it is a great boon for the party lovers.
IMG_1671 (1)

Ticket Size:
Considering a family/group of 3 or 4, the per person cost can be in the range of 450-850.

To sum it up, Elements is a good option for vegetarian food lovers with great choice of beverages. Also it offers one of the best private party place. Overall, a nice Fine Dine and Wine place.

Rating :

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Owner’s Blog:

Beaming with pride, the owner of Elements, Mr. Manish Agrawal, said, “I always wanted to give Nagpur a world class lounge and restaurant with best quality ambience, music and light for fine dining and special party experience. My lounge space can be lit in 256 different colours depending on the customer preference. The music system in my lounge is the 3rd best installation in India by OHM and my lounge has India’s best acoustic. So you can expect world class sound quality when you host your party here. Not only sound, your party will be remembered for best light effect including lasers and other lights. DJs can be arranged as per demand.”

“Apart from Party experience”, he continued,”I also pay special attention to the quality of food. I try to procure most of the ingredients from my own organic farms and I get my own custom masala created for all the dishes on the menu. I pay special attention to hygiene and cleanliness.”

Manish said his family comes from garment and real estate business but he always had a dream to from childhood to own a food business. He himself loves to cook and serve family and friends. No expense was spared while developing this project and no compromise is made with quality in any aspect.

“We also offer free home delivery anywhere in Nagpur if the bill is above Rs.1000/-“, Manish said, “And for this IPL season we have a special offer Buy 2, get 1 Free on beverages as well as food.”