Published On : Mon, Feb 8th, 2016

e-bungle: Mulak is still MLC and not Girish Vyas, courtesy Collectorate website

Rajendra mulak in MLC list not VyasNagpur: In the days of e-governance quest, the State Government and District Administration leave no opportunity to pat their own backs and show they are e-governed. The Chief Minister in particular and District Collector in general go on brouhaha stressing the importance of e-governance. However, a cursory glance at the official website of Nagpur District Collector’s Officer exposed the shabby affair being run in the vital government department.

In the segment of people’s representatives of the website, name of Rajendra Mulak is still being flashed at number 13 of the list as people’s representative. Apart from Rajendra Mulak’s name, his other details are also intact on the website such as his phone numbers, address etc. All this bungle despite the elections for Maharashtra Legislative Council (MLC) from local authorities constituencies were held long back and BJP’s Girish Vyas getting elected unopposed.

The newly elected MLC Girish Vyas was formally sworn in and has formally started his official working. But for the lethargic employees of the District Collectorate, the people’s representative is still Rajendra Mulak and not Girish Vyas. Therefore there is no change effected in the website. Vyas took oath as MLC on January 5. And even after a period of one month the concerned Collectorate staffers have not found the spare time to upload the correct information on the website.