Published On : Fri, Jan 23rd, 2015

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep: Adv Ujwal Nikam


2nd National Student Parliament starts with a bang


The 2nd National Student Parliament organized by Raisoni Group of Institutions got underway at their Hingna campus with a grand inaugural ceremony on January 23, 2015.


Advocate Ujwal Nikam while addressing the students started his speech with a witty comment on Advocates. He said Advocates often write a document of 10,000 words and call it brief. He claimed that he felt young in the presence of an electrifying young audience. He claimed that Chairman of Raisoni Group Sunil Raisoni is not a Shikshan Samrat, but a Shikshan Mahrashi.

He cleverly claimed that, since he and Political Editor of India News Manish Awasthi are from Jalgaon, they are the sugar to the Orange Juice of Nagpur.

While encouraging the youth, he said that youth are the pillars of tomorrow. Youth must have specific aims and aims are the only way by which one can make gain. Without dreams nothing is possible. He quoted a Hindi Shayari which goes like this:

“Sapne who nahi honey chaihiye joh hum sotey hue dekhtey hain,

Sapney toh who honey chahiye joj humein soney na de”. (meaning Dreams should not be those which we see while sleeping, but should be those which prevent us from getting sleep).

He went to elaborate the Ajmal Kasab case. He said that the police had filed 12 cases against the lone survivor of the Mumbai attack on November 26, 2010. Many opined that he should be tried for all the 12 cases separately. However, being a Public Prosecutor he said that he thought differently. He made one solid case which included all the 12 separate cases. He opined that he wanted to file a case against the power behind these 10 terrorists who landed in Mumbai. He said that this one should cultivate the mind to presume all the future possibilities well in advance and prepare oneself for them.

He added that the youth should start their own positive dictionary in which A will stand for positive attitude, B for good behavior at all times…. He said that S definitely stands for Success, but S also stands for Sacrifice which the youth must be ready to give.

Raisoni  (2)
Ujwal Nikam claimed that the youngsters who are involved in criminal activities are because of three Ps. Proper Education, Proper Cultural and Family values and Proper Attitude towards life.

He took a dig at the electronic media while he was explaining about the Kasab’s case and said that one day, Ajmal Kasab saw the Rakhi on his right hand and asked what is this?. At that he said that this is what a sister ties on the wrist of her brother and the brother vows to protect and take care of her at all times. At this Kasab put his head down. Immediately, the electronic media started a breaking news titled “Aaj Ajmal Kasab Key ankhon mey ansoon! Behen ki yaad aagayee” (Today Tears were seen in the eyes of Ajmal Kasab! He probably remembered his sister”).

Immediately a panel discussion was also held in some channels. Could such a sensitive person really kill so many people or is there a softer side to a dreaded terrorist? Etc.

However, when PP Adv. Ujwal Nikam exited from the court, he was asked about tears in the eyes of Ajmal Kasab, the reporters with their booms crowded him and asked what did Ajmal Demand in the court? However, when he answered and said that Ajmal Kasab wanted to eat Mutton Biryani tonight, immediately, the news channel started breaking news that Jail is providing Mutton Biryani to dreaded terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

While addressing the media personnel, Public Prosecutor Ujwal Nikam while answering a question of has the role of law changed in the cases that are appearing nowadays, he claimed that the role of law has not changed. He clarified that as lawyers, it is the duty of an Advocate to protect the interest of the client, while the role of a Public Prosecutor is very difficult. The Public Prosecutor is a Minister of law. He plays an important role in the administration of justice while safe-guarding the interest of the state, his clients while adhering to the parameters of the law. He claimed that the role of a Public Prosecutor is very different and has higher powers and importance. The Attorney General starts his job, right from the time of collection of evidence and while filing the report, charge-sheet etc right till the incarceration of the accused. However, he did add that though our cops do collect all the evidence properly, they some-how inadvertently leave some loop hole which is used cleverly by the advocates to secure the freedom of their clients.

While speaking about economic offences, he said that primarily the police officials are not equipped to handle the economic offense cases. He said that there is a need to start a Specialized Wing of the Police Department to handle all economic cases. This Wing should have officers who are Chartered Accountants etc.

He claimed that those accused who commit economic offences are very sharp and clever and know the loop holes in the law which they use to get away with little or no punishment.

Similarly while speaking about the IT Act and the penalization, he said that there is a need to bring about radical changes in some of the laws which have become obsolete. While speaking about the PILs, he said that nowadays, filing of PIL is often used to take vendetta against one’s opponent.

He also talked about Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt and his furlough, about Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem and other cases.

The Chief Guests Spiritual Guru and Social Reformer Bhaiyuji Maharaj and Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce and Industry Nirmala Sithraman could not be present for the inaugural function. Bhaiyuji Maharaj could not come because of some health issues while Nirmala Sithraman could not come since she has been allocated the responsibility of taking care of media before and during the Delhi elections. A video recording of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was played, since he too was absent. CM said that this is a platform for sharing and receiving non-political knowledge.

However, the other guests which included reputed Public Prosecutor Advocate Ujwal Nikam, Rajya Sabha Member Ajay Sancheti, Energy Minister and Guardian Minister Chandrashekar, Senior Journalist & Political Editor of India News / News X Manish Awasthi, Vice Chancellor of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University Dr Vinayak Deshpande and Chairman of Raisoni Group of Institutions Sunil Raisoni compensated for the absence of the guests.

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Chairman of Raisoni Group of Institutions Sunil Raisoni
said that this is the 2nd time that they are organizing the National Students Parliament. He claimed that this is a non-political platform where one gets to share the knowledge and through a democratic manner serve the society. This National Students Parliament is aimed at serving the society aimed at creating political awareness. He claimed that one gets to know about the current issues of the nation.

Senior Journalist & Political Editor of India News / News X Manish Awasthi while addressing the students started off by introducing the dignitaries on the dais. He claimed that he is from Nagpur and so had the privilege to know about the dignitaries on the dais. He claimed that this dais is so lucky that one of the speakers who spoke during the 1st National Student Parliament is the Chief Minister of the State today. He said that Nagpur is a force to recon-with as of date. First we established a seat in Delhi then in the State. (He spoke of Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis). He wanted to know from the students what is the zero point of our body, when he received an answer that it is navel, he said that whenever we speak of Metros, we speak of only four metros. Why can’t we make Nagpur as the fifth Metro. He assured the students that whether, Nagpur becomes a metro or not, soon the name of Nagpur will appear as the fifth most happening place after the four metros.

He also said that when was a student, there used to student elections, why can’t the students elections start once again giving the students a first-hand experience of the process of election. He addressed Rajya Sabha Member Ajay Sancheti said that last year you said you wanted youth to be active participants in politics, We gave a Chief Minister. Now from this audience there are many more politicians in the making.

Rajya Sabha Member Ajay Sancheti while addressing the students said that this dais is very Shubh (auspicious). All those who spoke from this dais are ministers and one is the Chief Minister too. He said that the youth will really be benefitted by the knowledge they will gain in the next two days.

Vice Chancellor of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University Dr Vinayak Deshpande too assured to restart the student elections. They will try and conduct a safe and secure elections so that the students will get an experience of the electoral process.