Published On : Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

Dr. Suchika Gupta Deshmukh – Physician, Administrator, Humanist, Wife, Mother and ideal bahu!!!

A few weeks ago, Nagpur elite gathered at the local Babasaheb Ambedkar Airport witnessed a heart touching scene.

The occasion was unveiling of the ‘Art for Cause’ murals on the subject of empowering the Girl child beautifully painted on the walls of Arrival lounge. This is an initiative of HERD foundation of which Suchika is the M.D. While speaking at the function, senior political figure of Nagpur Ranjeet Deshmukh, former Minister, broke down with emotion while praising his younger daughter in law Dr. Suchika Gupta.

“She is so idealistic, so active and dynamic … God bless you in all your endeavours Beta ” he said with affection dripping from his voice.

Later, speaking on the same occasion, her husband Dr. Amol Deshmukh said with a touch of humour “it is Suchika’s influence that the entire Deshmukh parivaar welcomed the birth of a girl child so whole heartedly!”

So who is Suchika and what are her achievements that everyone close to her is so proud of?

If you read her profile, you will be awe struck too –

‘Dr Suchika Gupta Deshmukh is a trained surgeon from UK who after completing her MBBS from NKPSIMS Nagpur proceeded to train for pediatric surgery that was her area of interest. She has worked with the NHS in UK and India. While in UK she enrolled with Imperial College Business School, London to study for an MBA degree and widen her sphere of education.

A Rajiv Gandhi Scholar, Dr Suchika Deshmukh has worked in India, UK, and Germany as a doctor and subsequently as manager for hospitals in international organizations as well as in reputed pharmaceutical concerns. Additionally she gained relevant experience from one of the big four consulting firms in UK.

As a European Fellow she conscientiously devised growth strategies for business development for Net Impact in Europe. It was perhaps at this juncture that she got interested in non-governmental organizations and their role in medical and humane outreach to under-privileged people. She has been trustee and supporter of HERA – Her Equality Rights and Autonomy, a UK based NGO offering training and empowerment to trafficked women to assist them to transition back to mainstream society.

While still abroad, along with her husband Dr Amol Deshmukh she co-founded HERD Foundation in 2006. Their aim was to create outreach of services to transform the living realities of disadvantaged communities. She formulated initiatives that ensured implementation of projects related to Health, Education and Rural Development. Suchika does not believe in charity – so she strives to make communities she works with into self-sustaining eco-communities. ‘

Not even into mid life yet and so much work to her credit?!! From being not just a volunteer but a TRUSTEE of HERA – Her Equality Rights and Autonomy, where they did the valuable and really Humane work of rehabilitating rescued trafficked victims to founding HERD -Health, Education and Rural Development initiative; this girl has done it all!

Motherhood has brought her back from Europe to our midst permanently but hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She is a perfect role model to her toddler daughter Akshayanee, who at 16 months is already a little mirror of her confident and self assured mom! At the airport function, she was walking around independently, surveying the whole scene with curiosity and stopping to also ‘chat up’ with some people…

With more working moms like that, no Indian girl will ever need to synthetically ’empowered’. They will be born powerful!

… Sunita Mudliyar ( Associate Editor )