Published On : Mon, Oct 6th, 2014

Dr Nitin Raut seeks vote for development of the area


On October 6, 2014, Congress Candidate from North Nagpur Dr Nitin Raut started his poll campaign rally with renewed vigour. He visited former Mayor Sardar Atal Bahadur Singh who pledged support of activists of Lokmanch to campaign for Dr Raut and in reaching out to all in a door to door campaign.

At Bezongagh area, Dr Raut inaugurated the new Congress Campaign office to be coordinated by former Corporator of the area Babbi Bawa.

Dr Nitin Raut addressed the gathering of activists and while starting his speech, addressed Sardar Atal Bahadur Singh as his elder brother and said that my constituents have an opportunity to elect their leader once again. He claimed that there are 20 candidates in the poll fray.


Dr Raut said that whenever election comes, leaders of various parties appear from somewhere and start claiming various development works as their own contributions. He compared them to the frogs that appear as soon as it rains making croaking sounds. These frogs disappear as the rains stops. He said that these leaders who appear during elections are like that. One will not get to see them for the next 5 years as soon as they are elected.

Dr Raut added that people are no more fooled by such leaders nor are they blind, deaf or dumb. They know who has been with them during every crisis. They know who can be approached when they are in problems, they know who has worked in all these years, so they will vote for me, claimed Dr Raut.


Dr Raut said that of course, one cannot claim that 100 % development was achieved since funds which are released by Central Government get delayed in reaching the projects. However, during his tenure Rs 1320 Crores worth of development were undertaken and completed.

While reminiscing the past, Dr Raut said that before the year 2000, the area of North Nagpur was very backward. He claimed that if any person gets down at Railway station in the night, no autos were ready to ply the passenger to North Nagpur for fear of getting mugged or simply not getting any customer on the way back. Kamptee road was famous for at least one road accident every day. The law and order situation was at its worst. People were mugged often. Only three doctors existed to cater to such a big area namely Dr Prakash, Dr Banwari and Dr Borkar. No hospitals or nursing homes existed. However, today the scenario is very different. Many hospitals have come up. A police station and a police booth has come-up in the square preventing various crimes. Dr Raut claimed that we have strived to maintain peace and harmony among all religious populace living in this area. He claimed that we, as a party, have strived to remove all deficiency, strife and disharmony.


Dr Raut said that the people will soon see the first Government Engineering College is coming up at Nagpur in this area. To add to that the first Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences too is coming up in this area. He claimed that unlike olden days, rationing office has come up at Manav Nagar. In order to fulfill the needs of drinking water, many over-head water storage tanks have been erected. Many parks and gardens have been made to cater to the needs of children and aged. Congress party has made 5000 houses for slum dwellers. Another 1800 houses were built at Nari for slum dwellers. The Food Security Bill passed by Congress party ensured food for everybody. Nobody other than Congress MLA did all this no one can come and claim that they have done all these development activities, so think twice before casting your vote. Dr Raut also cautioned the masses to be aware of all liars who claim praise for what they worked for.


Sardar Atal Bahadur Singh said that no one gives his well flourishing business to someone else, except his own son, so he feels that the work of taking care of the entire constituency should be given only to Dr Nitin Raut.