Published On : Tue, Jul 26th, 2016

Dr Lokendra Singh of CIIMS bestowed with ‘Pride of Planet -2016’ Award

Dr Lokendra Singh with Pride of Planet
The renowned Neurosurgeon, poet and philanthropist Dr Lokendra Singh of CIIMS, Nagpur, was bestowed with‘Pride of Planet -2016 Award’ by Dr Pachlore Foundation for his outstanding contribution in the field of medical services, research and literature . The Award, consisting of ‘Certificate of Appreciation’, Trophy & ‘Sword of Honour,’ was given at the hands of Amravati Mayor Charanjeetkaur alias Reena Nanda in an official function conducted at the The Planet – V. Congratulating the winner, the Mayor Nanda appreciated the vision & mission of the Dr Pachlore Foundation to strive for sustainable development in harmony with environment, women empowerment, & providing international education and research global perspective to the students and professionals of India.

The internationally acclaimed Planet- V, Maestro Multiversity & Dr. Pachlore Foundation recently celebrated Inspiration Fest 2016 with series of social, cultural & educational projects from July 14 to 20, 2016 . The ‘Inspiration Fest’was attended by Professionals & Students from all over India and abroad from various streams of Management, Medical, Engineering, Arts & Humaities. The management & students presented classical and cultural show. Along with merit prizes in the field of academic, research, sports and management, this year’s ‘Pride of Planet-2016’Award was presented to Dr. Lokendra Singh.

Dr Lokendra Singh with Pride of Planet
The star-studded evening filled with galaxy of intellectuals , witnessed the aesthetics attribute of First Citizen & Mayor of Amravati Charanjit Kaur alias Reena Nanda who impressed the audience with her eloquent expression and empathetic expression. “With institutions like Dr. Pachlore Foundations Maestro Multiversity’, Amravati is already on the highway of becoming a Smart City. The innovative & Progressive projects of social welfare by the organization has laid the foundation stone of Smart and sustainable development of the society in true sense”, expressed Mayor Nanda.

The function was enriched and bestowed with Kavyanjali – Classical poetic recitation by Dr. Lokendra Singh. Maharashtra Sahitya Academy winner for ‘Bunde Jeevan Ki’, Dr. Lokendra Singh mesmerized the audience with stunning compositions covering all shades and shadow of life. He confined himself in all sense Show Stealer and Show Stopper. He applaud the working of Dr. Pachlore Foundations for making overall uplift of an individual and society at large. “Dr Pachlore Foundation is making rare task of developing Right & Left Brain , Science & Spirituality , ethics and values is the real achievement.”, said Dr. Lokendra Singh while expressing his gratitude.

On the occasion, eminent social worker Dr. Govind Kasat said, ‘Its high time now, mankind should stop exploiting nature and start exploring nature, we should learn to respect & respond to the important element elements of life & nature, as practiced by Dr. Pachlore Foundations. Further “The event positively created an classic and intellectual environment among students and stalwarts equally, acting as the torch bearer of the repugnance’ its guiding light to the society’ , expressed Dr. Ashok Rana. Renowned Dramatist & Activist Prof. M.T. Deshmukh, making comparative analysis with Saint Gadgebaba & TukdojiMaharaj, appreciated the noble task of spreading quality education to the rural and remote corner of India by the Planet- V & Dr. Pachlore Foundation on the occasion.

Dr Lokendra Singh with Pride of Planet
Fr. Arcko Swamy further added “ In an era of cut throat competition, Dr. Pachlore Foundations Maestro Multiversity works like Elixir to succeed in all walks of life and its need of an hour. Director Dr. Vikramsingh Pachlore said that- “Generally, The Award Enhances, Elevates & Inspires an individual, And there are very few individuals like Dr. Lokendra Singh who elevates and enhances the accord of Award”. Prof. Neeranjan Chitare (Nagpur) anchored the summit with eloquence and elegance. Convener Dr. Sanjeevani Pachlore expressed vote of thanks extending gratitude greetings to all the members of Planet- V & Dr. Pachlore Foundation along with Dr. Shrikant Deshmukh, Dr. A.N. Deshmukh ,Dr. Gajendrasingh ,. Prajakta Patil(Mumbai),.Praman Rana, Shashank Chincholkar for making Inspiration Fest- 20165 a huge success.