Published On : Wed, Jul 27th, 2016

Dr Gajendra Mahalle for stringent punishment to stray cattle owners

Stray cattle continue to be a menace for road users

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: Cattle growers should rear cattle in cowsheds only. They should not be left to fend for themselves. These dumb cattle who are left to fend for themselves can be seen feeding on garbage at different garbage dumps. Stray cattle continue to be a menace, despite efforts by NMC to take them off the roads. Often people meet with road accidents due to these stray cattle on the roads.

Often drivers of big vehicles like buses, trucks etc hit two-wheelers in order to avoid hitting cattle. All the impounded cattle including bulls, buffalos and cows from the streets and roads are back on the roads since their owners pay a paltry sum as fine and get away.


Long time back, there was a proposal for the cattle owners to rear cattle outside the city limits. However, in order to appease a large number of vote bank, these cattle growers continue to rear cattle in the city limits and to add to that, they sell the milk and make money while the cattle are left to fend for themselves. These cattle end up resting on the road or standing on important roads blocking the smooth flow of vehicular movement.

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NMC authorities ignore complaints
Many residents of various areas while speaking to Nagpur Today alleged that these cattle which can be seen on the streets are just neglected by their owners. When they go in search of food from litter in the roads, they end up hitting vehicles.

One citizen from Dharampeth said that the problem is the large number of stray animals on the roads. These animals, mainly cows, can be seen in large numbers at any hour of the day and night and this is creating serious problems for road users.
Another conscientious resident of Gokulpeth alleged that whenever they lodge complaint to the NMC authorities, they either ignore the complaint or simply claim that we do not have the staff.

Another citizen claimed that the Mobile Number of the owner should be branded on the cattle so that the owner can be called and asked to remove the cattle from the roads.

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10 times the approved fine to cause a deterrent effect
While speaking to Nagpur Today, the In-Charge of Stray Cattle impounding squad Dr Gajendra Mahalle said that he knows about the stray cattle menace. He said that they are waiting for the approval of hiking the fine. Dr Mahalle claimed that they propose that the owners of stray cattle which are impounded for the second time should be fined 10 times the approved fine so that it works as a deterrent to them. Dr Mahalle agreed to the fact that the owners of these stray cattle pay a paltry sum as fine and get away and the cattle is back on the streets. Dr Mahalle claimed that on July 26, 2016, they surveyed the entire city and have identified nearly 1200 spots where stray cattle are usually spotted. They are working on a system by which the stray cattle impounding vehicle can move and impound the stray cattle.

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By Samuel Gunasekharan and Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha.
Pics by Shubham Kamble.