Published On : Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

DPS teacher tells how to make virtual classes engaging

Nagpur: The fifth episode of CC Fridays was all about this indomitable spirit that is the hallmark of a teacher.

Ms. InsiyaAbidi, a Middle School English Educator at DPS Nashik shared how one can plan a Virtual lesson that is both engaging and effective. A virtual lesson must reach outin termsof content, use attractive resources and be able to assess understanding.

Ms.SonalYadav, a Pre Primary Educator at DPS Lava Nagpur, shared how she uses teaching aids to add a pinch of mystery and a dash of magic to her classroom interactions. These keep the little ones glued to their seats for moving might just entail missing out on something exciting. The Number hat, Mr.Curious Lens, AksharPari, Magic Box all add an element of surprise and help the educator make smooth transitions. Play, for children, is serious learning.

Mr. Gautam Mishra, a Secondary School math and Physics Educator at DPS Varanasi, is a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. He introduced everyone to WAKELET – an amazing content curation tool. Mr. Mishra gave a demonstration of how one can create a Wakelet and use it in multiple ways. He also shared a SUPER HEXAGON for Trigonometry that will help students derive more than a 40 formulas or identities and do away with rote learning.
Pedagogy and Technology now need to go hand in hand. Teachers must look at using flexible tools in strategic ways. The teachers of the three schools have through this platform of C C Fridays created an organic ecosystem where teachers help teachers grow.