Published On : Sat, Jun 6th, 2020

DPS Lava devices Champions of Change to enhance students’ engagement

Champions of Change an initiative of Delhi Public School Varanasi, Nashik and Lava Nagpur, applauds innovation and creativity.It is a platform where teachers share their learning and takeaway new ideas to implement in their own classrooms and enhance student engagement.

Episode 3 of CC Fridays had Ms. Rita Dutta, Senior School English Educator at DPS Nashik, Ms. Akansha Mishra, Middle School Social Science Educator at DPS Varanasi and Ms. Tejaswini Jadhao, a Primary Educator at DPS
Lava Nagpur as presenters.

With time the initial excitement of online classes is bound to wane andteachers will have to relook at the different tools and use them in different ways. Ms. Akansha Mishra shared how she is using the Padlet in
various ways in her virtual Homeroom Class. The morning begins with a prayer, guided meditation, a positive thought and even a fun segment. It is the students who volunteer to organize the Homeroom Sessions. This involves the students in the entire process and thereby empowers them.

Ms. Tejaswini Jadhao’s presentation highlighted the social and emotional aspects of learning. A virtual classroom lacks a personal connect; this can be overcome through icebreakers and rapport building exercises.

Teachers are even organizing virtual birthday celebrations! The emotional bonds are strengthened and children feel a deep connect with the school when they become a part of the live streamed school assembly every Wednesday. Needless to say, all this does foster effective learning. Ms. Rita Dutta shared how tools like the Padlet, Book Creator, Edpuzzle, Nearpod can be put to amazing use that not only ensure student engagement but also make students responsible for their own learning.

All these tools are being used to brainstorm new ideas, introduce new lessons, teach Grammar, and even get students hooked to reading story books. Google Docs, said Ms. Dutta, has made planning, sharing and implementation of Lesson Plans so much easier.