Published On : Mon, Apr 20th, 2015

Dowry claims one more life in city


Nagpur: Another poor hapless girl killed for not meeting dowry demand. The incident occurred in Gittikhadan area in the city on April 20, 2015. The name of the deceased is identified as Monali alias Pinto Tiwari aged 21 years and a resident of the in-laws’ house situated at Uttan Nagar, Gorewada. The father-in-law and the uncle of the deceased were informed that Pinto has committed suicide.

Suicide or murder?
When the father and the uncle rushed to the house of the in-laws of the deceased, they found several things that raised suspicion. The girl’s feet were found to be flat on the ground as if she is standing and a rope was tied to the fan. The body of the deceased has to be above the ground to accomplish a suicide. The knot on the nylon rope that was noticed by everybody especially the deceased parents was a very complicated one and practically impossible for a delicate young girl. The family members of the girl also noticed some injuries on the chest of the deceased.

When the father and uncle of the deceased arrived at the scene, the Police Inspector of the Gittikhadan Police Station was already present at the scene. They were forcing the family members of the deceased to bring down the body. After that, before the other members of the deceased could arrive, the police officials sent the body to Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (Mayo).

According to sources, the elder son of a retired Assistant Police Inspector Hridaylal Tiwari identified as Hemant Hridaylal Tiwari aged 27 years was married to the second daughter of Lalji Pande identified as Pinto alias Monali Tiwari aged 21 years, and a resident of Vittal Nagar near Uday Nagar, Hudkeshwar. Right at the offset, the family of the boy Hemant Hridaylal Tiwari had demanded Rs 2.5 lakhs in cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 2.5 lakhs. There was a demand for furniture (Sofa, Diwan, Bed, Cabinet etc) and a set of vessels.

The family of the deceased claimed that, the father of the boy Assistant Police Inspector Hridaylal Tiwari had claimed that his son is a graduate in science (B.Sc) and that he is soon slated to join the police force. With that assurance only did the family agree to marry their daughter to the boy. After six months of the marriage, the family of the deceased realized that the boy was just 8th class passed and that he was unemployed.

When the husband of the deceased started demanding money for even small house-hold expenses from his father or from the father of the deceased, since he was unemployed, the father of the deceased who is a cook and takes orders for cooking food for caterers or marriage and other functions, asked the son-in-law to join him and start the business of cooking and catering. Though the son-in-law Hemant agreed, the father of the son-in-law Assistant Sub Inspector Hridaylal Tiwari warned the father of the deceased that he is a police officer and it would bring ill-repute to his family if people find out that his son is cooking food for others.

So his son continued to remain unemployed. However, the demand for the dowry kept on increasing from the family members of the husband of the deceased. They started physically and mentally torturing the deceased daughter-in-law Monali. They started demanding from the uncle of the deceased (since he was also one of the sponsors during the marriage) should provide a Honda Motorcycle for their son-in-law. A demand was made to the father of the deceased that they should give a dowry of Rupees five lakhs to ensure that their daughter lives a happy married life.

They used to often send the deceased back to her maternal house. Though she was tortured mentally and physically, she chose to not report the harassment meted out to her at the in-laws house since she knew the condition of her father and that she had two more sisters who are to be married. If she reports the demand by her in-laws, the father and mother will get worried and so she chose to quietly bear all the torture herself. All she did was to cry in solitude.

However, the family members who were greedy for dowry finally managed to kill the innocent and hapless girl and managed to make it look like a suicide. With the influence of the retired Assistant Police Inspector who was absconding with his son Hemant from the morning of April 20, 2015, the cops of Gittikhadan Police Station is doing everything to suppress the matter and to mellow the intensity of the crime.

Cop demanding dowry
What is more angering the citizens and the family members is that a cop and his family is demanding dowry and has managed to even kill the daughter-in-law. Knowing fully well that demanding dowry is illegal and attracts severe penal action, yet the cop not only received 2.5 lakhs in cash, Rs 2.5 lakhs in gold ornaments (which was removed from the possession of the bride the moment she entered the in-laws’ house), furniture and the demand continued as it he wanted to complete a target of Rs 10 lakhs. The daughter-in-law never lived happy even for one day in the in-laws house. All this in 21st century???