Published On : Mon, May 8th, 2017

Don’t take my tears as a sign of weakness, says Gorakhpur IPS officer


IPS Officer Charu Nigam
IPS officer Charu Nigam, who broke down on camera after BJP MLA Radha Mohan Das Aggarwal got into a heated argument with her in Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s parliamentary constituency Gorakhpur on Sunday, posted a note on Facebook, saying her tears should not be mistaken as a sign of her weakness.

“Meri aansuon ko meri kamzori na samajhna. Kathorta se nahi, komalta se ashk jhalak gaye. (Do not take my tears as a sign of my weakness. Not out of harshness, but the eyes welled up from tenderness),” she began her post with a couplet.

She then posted a brief explanation of why she cried, however briefly, before the BJP MLA.

She writes, “To everyone who has turned up in my support: My training hasn’t taught me to be weak. I just did not expect that my SP city Ganesh Saha Sir would outrightly reject the irrational argument and talk about my injury. Before sir came, I was the seniormost officer in police there but when sir came and stood by the force, I got emotional.

“Media has taken this stand because everyone of them saw both the incidents and this shows the positivity of media in Gorakhpur. I am thankful to them to have shown the truth with least manipulation.

“I believe that good gets good and that’s why I have got the support of the media.

“Please stay calm! I am fine and slightly hurt. Nothing to be agitated or worried about.”

She signs of saying, ‘Regards’.

On Sunday, when some people were protesting against a liquor shop in Gorakhpur’s Kareemnagar area, the police led by Nigam tried to clear the road since the protesters were blocking the traffic.

BJP MLA Radha Mohan Das Aggarwal reached the spot and questioned the IPS officer about her action and told that there had been orders by the state government that liquor shops will not function in residential areas.

In a video that has gone viral, Aggarwal can be heard shouting at Nigam, who is soon reduced to tears. “The MLA misbehaved with me and refused to acknowledge in full public view that he is speaking to a woman police officer,” she said.