Published On : Wed, Nov 9th, 2016

Donald Trump trumps Hillary – becomes the 45th President of the USA


It has happened. Many Americans worst nightmare has come true, they are going to have to live with Donald Trump, the most unusual man who has no experience what so ever of even local governance is the new President of America. Trump has the required 270 having won the remaining states where Hillary was still hopeful of making a come back.

But he has been seen as an Agent of Change – a change that most Americans are desperate for. He seems to have convinced majority of his country men and women that HE is the man to take on terrorists, ISIS, economic depression, unemployment and other pressing problems.

In the American system, the victor needs 270 electoral votes to win. Hillary was way short, while Trump  slowly but steadily inched his way to the totally unexpected win. Most mid western and southern states are painted red – the Republican party colour.

Florida set the shock waves first in Hillary’s camp. Losing that state was a pointer of things to come. Clinton who seemed to be ahead when counting first began suddenly began lagging behind. Then Iowa, Ohio and North Carolina followed. At 11a.m. Indian time, she had 215 while Trump had 244 votes. Of 42 states called most have gone to Trump, specially the battle ground states.

Most Americans of Indian origin, only 1.5%, but very influential , have consistently supported Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Political pundits the world over will be left wondering what went so horribly wrong with Hillary’s campaign. Or were people just not ready to give Obama’s Democratic party a third term?

One thing is certain – Trump was more open to new campaign ideas from his team of advisers and poured in more money when he saw an opening in a new assault against Hillary.

But now the day, and the next 4 years belong to Trump.

Apart from being known as the man who has said the most shocking things in this campaign, what else do we know about this man?

Real estate developer Donald John Trump was born in 1946, in Queens, New York. In 1971, he became involved in large, profitable building projects in Manhattan. In 1980, he opened the Grand Hyatt, which made him the city’s best-known developer. In 2004, Trump began starring in the hit NBC reality series The Apprentice, which also spawned the offshoot The Celebrity Apprentice. Trump turned his attention to politics, and in 2015 he announced his candidacy for president of the United States on the Republican ticket. After winning a majority of the primaries and caucuses, Trump became the official Republican candidate for president on July 19, 2016.

Once the dust and the din of these elections dies down a number of questions will emerge – what role did Russia, specifically Putin play in influencing results with selective wiki leaks?

Will President Trump be vindictive as he has promised/ threatened to be and put Hillary and all other women who has accused him of ‘exploitation’ in jail?

Or will the land sweep win soften him and make him more humble and forgiving?