Published On : Fri, Jul 31st, 2015

“Dog weighing more than 30 kgs will be considered ‘horse!'”


Bareli/ Nagpur: “If a dog weighs more than 30 killo grams, it will be considered a horse.”—Does it not sound ridiculous and beyond all logical speculations? But, in India we are more brick-line followers, lakeer ka faeer, as it concerns to following of rules and regulations. And, so has been very sincerely done the Indian Railways.

According to rules of Indian Railways, if any passenger wants to travel with his pet, here dog, and if its weight is more than 30 kgs, the owner (passenger) of the pet will have to pay the fare of a horse, which is said to slightly more than the III-AC fare.

As per details, one Rohit Sharma of Bareli intended travelling by train to Delhi on Wednesday along with his pet dog. When he went to Bareli railway station to book a seat for his dog in the brake-van, the goods-clerk gave Sharma a receipt for Rs 750 for dog’s travel.

He was taken aback because the train fare of III-AC from Bareli to Delhi it just Rs 680. When he asked the railway clerk, the latter cited the railway rule, saying that if the former wanted to carry dog in luggage van, the fare would be Rs 750 only. He further said, if one wants to carry dog in animal carriage of a good train, the fare will be Rs 30 per killo gram.

According to the clerk, if the dog weighs more than 30 kgs and its length/ size is more than the ordinary dogs, it will be treated in the category of a horse. What a funny provision!