Published On : Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

Did the effect of Bollywood movie Pink embolden the gals of the city too?


Nagpur: Well that is what is seems happening. On December 31, 2016, many gals were seen procuring liquor from liquor stores themselves. Gone are the days when gals had to rely on their boy-friends or brothers to get liquor for them. Now they go directly search for the liquor and buy the liquor which suits their pockets whenever they intend to party.

The very concept of gals also enjoying liquor when they party may seem not acceptable to the predominantly male dominated society.  So whenever the gals do venture out to buy liquor, they are ogled at and looked down by the Male Chauvinists.

To start with it is just hard for people to accept that women drink in India. The concept is too western for us? Men assume all sorts of notions about women who drink and the way they behave after drinking.

A major misconception is that women who drink have loose morals. Indian men assume that women who drink have loose morals. Another misconception is that women who imbibe liquor is a clear sign that they are an easy pick up. A girl is not necessarily looking for a hook up if she’s been drinking. It is wrong for men to assume that women get high within one or two pegs and have no capacity to hold back their drinks. There may be some delicate darlings out there, but the truth is that women can drink a lot too. Women do not necessarily puke after getting drunk. It will be stereotyping if men believe that. Any person irrespective of the gender may or may not puke after drinking, based on their body’s system. So, why should we single out only women?

Cause of worry is that Indian women consuming drinking is on the rise
There is a sudden spike in the drinking habits of women in India has caused an interesting stir. Since as far back as we can remember, Indian culture has been synonymous with conservative conduct and a hint of regressive thinking when it comes to talking about the modernization of Indian women. In the past couple of years, there has been a definite paradigm shift, which has fuelled discussions about progressive changes for the female species. Among many other behavioural patterns an eye trend amid all the cultural mutation is the surge in the drinking habits among Indian women.

—By Samuel Gunasekharan