Published On : Sat, Jul 4th, 2015

Dharmendra annoyed over the blown images of Hema Malini’s bloodied face

Dharmendra annoyed over the blown images of Hema Malini’s bloodied faceNagpur Today:

Looks like hubby Dharmendra a bit too sensitive when it comes to protecting his wife Hema. Recently, Dream Girl Hema Malini met with a major accident and was severely injured. A number of pictures of the day of accident are taking round on social sites and news blocks which would certainly make her well-wishers unnerved. However, Dharmendra Pajji expressed his strong grief at media regarding display of injured Hema Malini.

The accident took place when Hema Malini was proceeding to Mathura in her luxurious car Mercedes Benz when the major accident took place on the streets of Dausa in Rajasthan as the speeding car hit another car Alto which resulted in the death of innocent four year-old soul named Sonam. While, the veteran actress is undergoing treatment at a hospital now, Dharmendra is apparently upset with media for flashing the pictures. At the day of accident, Dharmendra ji was at screening of his comedy Second hand husband when he got the news of the accident at left the event immediately. Speaking to the media next morning, with a heavy-heart said that he was supposed to leave for Jaipur this morning, but she (Hema) told me there no such need. She is alright now recovering from injuries. Luckily it was not serious.

Expressing his views towards the Hema Malini’s picture, Dharamji said that a little bit of sensitivity in the media can go a long way. It is not in good taste to show pictures of an accident victim with blood on her face. He added that he is deeply saddened by this kind of intrusion at a critical time like this.

Dharamji has expressed his gratitude towards all his and Malini’s fans and friends for their concern for their Dream Girl. He claimed that his family is blessed to be loved by the entire nation. He added that as long as they have the good wishes of all their fans no harm can come to them. Aap log aise hi humein pyar karte rahiye.