Published On : Sat, Dec 24th, 2016

Dharma Sanskruti Mahakumbh has turned Nagpur into capital of world’s wellbeing : Bhagwat

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat visited the ongoing Dharma Sanskruti Mahakumbh on its second day on Saturday. The 3-day event underway at Reshimbagh Garden here was dedicated to the motivational meet on its second day. The topic of the event was ‘saints and army in togetherness.’

In his address at Dharma Sanskruti Mahasabha, Bhagwat viewed that such an initiative could have been taken immediately after the country got independence but its high time it started now. It would soon cast its positive impact on the society. He said that its a rare event where the saints and armymen are sharing common platform and this is where the works for bringing true prosperity in the nation should begin.

Bhagwat added, “We have only two examples of serving the nation – one who is protecting the nation and another who is guiding the society towards philosophy of life. There is no specific identity for these two individuals but we recognise both of them with ease.”

He stressed the need for greater recognition of sacrifice that a soldier makes for the country. He said a soldier’s family should be taken care of in the larger society. All the responsibilities could not be shouldered upon the government. He said that Sangh cannot become saint but we are bringing mass awareness. “We have to assure our soldiers that the society will be taking care of their families. Such an event is motivational in real terms,” he said.

Shankaracharya Vasudevananda Saraswati who was also sharing the dais expressed that both the sage and soldier are alike. He said, “Earlier the sage used to hold Vedas in hand and carry bows and arrows on their backs. This tradition has been followed since ancient times. The role of both the sage and soldier towards society is the same. A hermit functions as an spiritual motivator of the society and his only need is two square meals. To propagate such thoughts on wider horizons such events are required. Now the swayamsevaks and saints will jointly take this thought to every doorstep in the society.”

Also present on the occasion was Air Marshall Bhushan Gokhale who commemorated the sacrifice of soldiers towards the nation’s security. He said that Dharma Sanskruti Mahasabha would bring positive change in the society. The country stands by the soldier in the times of war but now there is a need to raise the hands of support all the times. “Now we will provide for free education to the children of martyrs,” he added.