Published On : Fri, Nov 18th, 2016

Demonetization ke side effects : Doctors, Real estate, satta players feel the pinch in Nagpur!


Nagpur: As the new currency notes float into the markets, gradually easing the cash crunch in retail segment, many customers as well as shopkeepers are heaving a sigh of relief. However, still the defaulters are dying in frustration of what to do with the bulky bundle of unaccounted currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, which they have accumulated without any accounts. These currency notes have been demonetized by Modi sarkar as a masterstroke against black money, counterfeit notes and not the least, against the giant monster of corruption. Sources informed though demonetization has put aam aadmi to temporary inconvenience but it has certainly become a permanent problem for some of the real estate players, doctors and satta operators in Nagpur.

Demolished hopes of builders
As Nagpur Today checked into the prevailing trend, it turned out that the erring real estate players, who were having the ball with 60:40 game – taking part cash payment from the customers and part through cheque – are feeling the heat of the decision. The cash payment usually goes unaccounted and was not shown into account books of these real estate companies. The builders are now having lines of worries on their face, pondering and brainstorming over what to do with the accumulated cash as Modi sprang a sudden ‘unpleasant surprise’ before them.

A bitter pill for doctors
Similar is the condition of many big doctors, particularly those mushrooming in Dhantoli and Ramdaspeth areas. The outstation patients usually bring cash to them which largely went unaccounted and never deposited in the banks. This has left with huge piles of unaccounted cash stashed in the ‘illegal coffers’ of many of the top surgeons in the city. Insiders informed that a well-known heart surgeon having its sprawling hospital in Dhantoli has been in contact with few local netas who could help him out in making his black money into ‘white’. However, we learnt that netas are also keeping away from such ‘elements’ who can put them into unwanted trouble.

All Close, No Open
Demonetization has hit Nagpur’s satta, also called as matka market, hard with Mumbai kingpins ordering their agents in Nagpur and Vidarbha to keep a lid on all operation for the time being, slashing the region’s turnover by nearly 25 per cent. Sources informed that a major matka king from Mumbai operates the Nagpur and Vidarbha market. Butibori, Takalghat and Katol have gained notoriety due to rampant matka operations. Even pan-shop owners are running satta businesses with impunity with the blessings of corrupt police officials. Though the Mumbai kingpins have ordered to shut down operations but the local agents are managing the business clandestinely on their own. These agents are operating discreetly from their homes or shops but their business too has crashed from Rs 1 lakh daily to Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000.