Published On : Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

Demand to set up IIT, IISER in Vidarbha to boost potential of students


Nagpur: A group of reputed faculties and scientists from Vidarbha has demanded establishment of IIT and IISER in Vidarbha immediately.

“Setting up of world standard higher education and research institute in Vidarbha is need of the hour. Formation of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) would be best option,” said the group of 65 renowned faculties and scientists including high-ranked top-award winners, and Fellows of Academies from Vidarbha. Prof Shekhar Mande (DG, CSIR), VC of Nagpur University, Deans and Directors of various institutes, heads of the departments of Nagpur University, VNIT, and NEERI and few faculties from USA and EU are part of this group.

While stressing the demand, the group said, “Almost all good research institutes/universities in Maharashtra are crowded in Mumbai-Pune region and there is not a single good institute like IISER or IIT or TIFR in Vidarbha. This is very unfair for the Vidarbha region. Higher education in science and technology, coupled with innovation is one of the finest ways to further improve the situation of people of Vidarbha. The institutes of national importance always bring the overall development of the Nation, but the first to be benefited are the regional people.

Establishment of institutes of national importance in Vidarbha used to be disregarded, but in the last few years government has taken exceptional steps by establishing reputed institutes like IIM, AIIMS, and IIIT. It is a universal truth that basic scientific research and technological research and development always remain the underlying parameter of the development in any part of the world,” said Prof. Vivek Polshettiwar of Department of Chemical Sciences (DCS), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, in a statement.

“Unfortunately, almost all good research institutes/universities in Maharashtra are crowded in the Mumbai-Pune region. Therefore, students in the Vidarbha region lack exposure to higher education and fundamental research. It is need of the hour to establish the world-class higher education and research institute in Vidarbha. Establishment of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) is the best option for Vidarbha. Basic sciences coupled with technology development is the only way to fight some of the serious threat we are facing, such as climate change, abrupt weather patterns, water shortage, plastic pollution, etc. which are dramatically affecting everyone and especially farmers and making their life more difficult,” Prof Polshettiwar stated.

He further said that establishing such a new institute in the region will help the aspiring children of Vidarbha to become the world’s renowned scientists/ technologists and take on these challenges. Their struggles necessitate the establishment of an academic institution for the study of various fields of science for the development of new technologies. Establishing the first-ever world-class research institute in the region of Vidarbha will bring significant change in advancing equality of access to educational and professional resources across Maharashtra.

Students of Vidarbha have great potential. However, due to the lack of higher education in science and technology, Vidabhian students are unable to grab the job opportunities at the national and global scenario. Establishment of the world-class institute of education and research of science and technology in Vidarbha will boost the temperament of the young students about scientific and technological research. It will provide inter-disciplinary education and promote the culture of investing best minds for the development of basic sciences and world-class technology, which is lacking in the region.

The group believed the establishment of a world-class institute of education and research of science and technology in Vidarbha, such as IIT and IISER, is long overdue. Although in recent times large efforts to boost the industrial space in Vidarbha were made, it never achieved the expected momentum. It is an open fact that any modern industry needs critical input from academic R & D. However, because of the lack of quality institute, ‘Vidarbha R&D’ remains an unrealized dream. Establishment of IIT/IISER will promote the much required industry-academic collaboration in the region. It can fill the gap, and help us realize our dream of ‘Industrial Revolution’ in the Vidarbha region, which will bring numerous jobs and contribute for sustainable development of Vidarbha. The Government of India has established IITs in almost all the states. Based on the state’s population, more new IITs are being established.

For example, being the most populous state, Utter Pradesh has two IITs. There is already discussion about the establishment of new IISER at Lucknow. Maharashtra is in second place in term of population and continuously accommodating the largest number of other state population for education and jobs among all the states. Now, it is Maharashtra’s turn to get new IIT and IISER. Maharashtra does not have a full-fledged central university with the disciplines of science and technology. Whereas, other major states (in term of the population) have multiple central universities. The state of Maharashtra is huge.

The number of young students who are hungry for knowledge is enormous. Vidarbha has produced great academicians in the field of science, engineering, technology 3 and medicine. It justifies the requirement of a new institute of national importance (IIT and IISER) in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. We are hereby requesting Government of Maharashtra and Government of India for the establishment of IIT and IISER in Vidarbha. This will open up new avenues for students of Vidarbha and inspire them for basic scientific research and technology development, generating more employability. It is indeed a necessary step to make the Vidarbha as the developed region of Maharashtra, Prof Polshettiwar stressed.