Published On : Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

Delhi wrap up – a habitual rapist; a suspected murder… and elections!

Tonight, Subramaniam Swamy has an accomplice who is shouting himself hoarse declaring Shashi Tharoor has “lots to explain and answer for” in his wife Sunanda Pushkar’s alleged “murder”. Almost an year after Sunanda ended up dead in a five star Delhi hotel and the case was declared a natural death or at the most a suicide with drug overdose has been given sinister hues now and medical records are being waved around like they were proofs of heinous murder without a shred of physical evidence.

“Why did Shashi Tharoor go and meet Ahmed Patel, close aide of Sonia Gandhi?”

“Why did Tharoor scratch out ‘some misunderstanding’ to little misunderstanding…. why did he say his wife was a happy soul, why did he say she had Lupus, how could he say she had had fever all the time for the three years they had been married – how could a person who had continual fever be happy….etc. etc. etc., pardon the pun but it seems like a dead horse being slogged over and over again.

Another crime – that the Delhi police couldn’t stop from being committed – but still a lot of noise is being made about the charge sheet accusing cabbie Shiv Prasad Yadav of being a rapist who tried “unnatural sex” with the victim and how he was a cannabis addict and a habitual rapist whose own parents threw him out of the house is trending news. No one seems to care asking how such a man could be hired by a ‘reputed Cab company from the organized sector’ and how his criminal record could fall between the cracks and he be let free to commit more crimes.

So much news are these sensational “crimes” evoking that no one is remembering to report that ex CM of Delhi, (and future one too?) , muffler man Arvind Kejriwal had an egg thrown at him while he was campaigning in some part of Delhi.

One wonders if all this is just happening or a well orchestrated plan to divert attention from the real problems people are facing, a Government that is not quite living up to its promises and non performing Ministers whom the PM has to “ground” ( prevent from going on foreign tours) like some errant school kids.

Or is this the ruling party’s way of making a threat to Congress men, if you continue blocking us in Rajya Sabha this is how we will hound your leaders ? Charge them with suspected murder, start a campaign against them on the most rabble rousing TV channel and then also circulate a story that the ‘cocktail circuit’ of Delhi is vilifying poor dead Sunanda’s image who can do nothing to defend herself.

Let us not forget that the ‘enfant terrible’ Subramaniam Swamy is already sharpening his knives for other Congressmen. “Seven more Congress leaders are going to come under my scrutiny” he gleefully warns.

So while the Delhi cold gets colder are the conspiracy and murder stories going to get hotter?

Sunita Mudaliar