Published On : Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Death trap right in front of CP’s residence

While many proactive and development works are underway in the city, some of their work which has been assigned to some contractors is marring the image of the civic authorities.

Two such points are the crater like square patches hit opposite to the office of the Commissioner of Police and the residence of Commissioner of Police. This was the point where either MAHAVITARAN or some other agency did some repair work. However, they have simply left a big crater like hole on the road and not leveled the road. It displays the lackadaisical attitude of the contractor who was assigned the work of the performing the repair works on that stretch of the road.

Any two-wheeler (especially with smaller wheel base) who travels on the road in the night may practically fall down and come under the wheels of the four wheelers coming from the rear.

The civic authorities should immediately fill-up the patch with gravel to prevent any untoward eventuality.