Published On : Mon, Jan 14th, 2019

Deal with the RTO through an online interface

Whenever we find ourselves dealing with the RTO, we feel a sense of dread. This is not only the case when dealing with one specific Government office but all of them. We find the process a lot slower than it should be, involving a lot of back and forth and improper coordination that ends up being a huge inconvenience.

Although we hate going to the RTO, we are required to make a lot of trips there by virtue of owning a vehicle or wanting permission to drive or ride one. The RTO handles a lot more than just distributing drivers licenses. They also conduct tests and make sure that the people receiving their licenses are worthy of sitting behind a wheel or riding a scooter. This is a painstaking and time-bound process that needs individuals to finish several rounds of an examination. The exam starts with an oral understanding of the different traffic rules and signage on the streets. The second part involves driving or riding a vehicle while being reviewed about every aspect of it. This would depend on the license that the candidate is looking to get their hands on.

They also have to handle the documentation at the time of purchasing a new vehicle. This is usually managed by location which means an RTO office located in a specific area is usually responsible for registering all the vehicles in the area. At the time that a new vehicle is purchased, it has to be registered through the RTO and only post that it is allowed to be on the road. If a vehicle is older than 15 years, it has to be re-registered to be road worthy again. Both of these registration processes require a thorough inspection done by the RTO.

These are a lot of reasons we are supposed to visit the RTO, which means long queues at the RTO office. This also means we are more than happy to pay someone else to handle these processes on our behalf so we don’t have to deal with these stresses. However, the RTO has come up with and new and interesting way to get your work done without all the worry of standing in queues and waiting for your turn.

The new website allows users to deal with the RTO through their online interface so they can get all their work handled without leaving their homes. Furthermore, you can download application forms and other documents and fill them out you are free. You can also get a list of supporting documents and collect them at your leisure. This then allows them to drop them off at the nearest RTO office to complete yet another task in a super busy schedule.

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