Published On : Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

Deadly Car Crash : Checking top speed proved fatal for 2 students; another girl critical


Friends mourn death of Shreya Joshi (left) and Anurag Khaparde.

Friends mourn death of Ishita Mohan (left) and Anurag Khaparde.

Nagpur News.

As the four friends went to dine and drink at the city outskirts on Wednesday night, never in the wildest of their dreams had they thought that this would end up in deadly supper. As they returned after celebrating party at a dhaba on Amravati road, two of their mates died in the tragic car crash that left the vehicle in scatters and blood-stained as it hit a tree near the square close to university campus here.

Sources said the students raced up the vehicle to check its high speed, which proved fatal for them. One of the surviving students, who drove the car, had the narrow escape as the security airbag proved to be the savior.

The deceased Anurag Anil Khaparde, 22 was studying in YCCE and his friend Ishita Mohan Malay, 21 was a student of Vincent Palloti College of Engineering. Both died on the spot while two others were injured. Anurag was cremated at 3 pm on Thursday.

Among the injured Shriya Joshi, 22, also student of Vincent Palloti College of Engineering is still unconscious and Ujjwal Ghutghutiya, 24 years, student of YCCE is out of danger. Condition of Shriya is said to be very serious and chances of her survival are reportedly low.

Shriya Joshi battling for life in hospital

Shriya Joshi battling for life in hospital

Sheya urgently needs A negative blood

Reports say that Shreya is in need of ‘A’ –ve Blood urgently. All voluntary blood donors may kindly rush to Dande Hospital situated near Ravinagar Square and donate the blood.

Ujjwal’s father told Nagpur Today, “Presently, Ujwal has been shifted to general ward from the I.C.U. But the Shriya is critical and still in I.C.U.”

However, the parents of Ujjwal arrived from Gujarat, Shriya’s parents are yet to arrive from Aurangabad. Ishita’s mother reportedly runs coaching classes in Aurangabad. Her mother is a Ph.D in Hindi so she teaches children Hindi. Her father Mohan is an IITian. He is working with a Paper Mill in Orissa. Till recently, he was working in Nagpur, before being transferred to Orrissa. Ishita is said to be having a younger brother who has recently finished his SSC and is presently doing his XIth class at Aurangabad.

Friends express shock

The death of these two students left a trail of shock among their friends. Nagpur Today met the friends of Anurag Khaparde and listened to their tale of grief.

One of Anurag’s friends informed that Anurag had his birthday on August 2. But due to college exams, the plan was postponed to August 6, the fate day. Last night he went along with three of his friends for dinner. While coming back from dinner the accident occurred.

Here’s what other mourning friends shared with us,

“Anurag was fun loving guy, cheerful, good friend, and junior” – Nakul Sharma

“Anurag was enthusiastic, close friend, chillout banda , fun loving, good student, regular in college, responsible business man, as he was the son of the owner of Kitchen & Bar restaurant, always ready to help any of the friend at whatever time they called him, and also he was very polite person” – Benny