Published On : Fri, Aug 30th, 2019

Day out for bulls as farmers celebrate Pola festival with gaiety

Nagpur: It was day out for bulls (bails). With sunrise on Friday the August 30, farmers readied themselves to express their gratitude to their best friends in farms. The man-animal bonhomie was witnessed in its colourful best as Pola festival was being celebrated in traditional fervour and gaiety.

As the day began, farmers bathed their best friends with a caring touch and then decorated them with ornaments and jhalar (shawl). Their horns were painted in flashy colours, necks were adorned with garlands of vivid flowers.

As it was the much cherished rest day, the bulls were part of a procession to the beats of dhol tasha and dancing to celebrate Pola festival. The farmers showed their gratitude to their bulls for helping them and slogging around the year.

In the evening hundreds of people also worshiped the bulls and offered them delicacies mainly the Puran Poli and other stuff.