Published On : Wed, Dec 7th, 2016

Day 3 of Vidhan Sabha – where is the fiery Vidarbha issue?


Nagpur: On the third day of the Winter Session of Legislative Assembly, 52 starred pre-decided issues were taken up for debate and deliberations. Written querries to those who raised these questions has been sent. In spite of this MLAs of ruling party and opposition kept on raising questions as is the custom during the hour-long question answer session. The related Ministers assured that they will undertake an in-depth study, thorough probe and pro-active action.

It is surprising that only two questions relating to Vidarbha featured in the list of questions slated to be raised on the second day of Winter Session of Legislative Assembly. While one issue was relating to Buldana, the second was of Nagpur. The issue of Nagpur was about Empress City Mall.

MLAs Sunil Kedar, Vijay Wadattiwar and Amar Kale of Congress, raised the query as to how was Empress City Mall constructed without due permissions of the authorities. There were no discussions held in the house, but a written reply was sent to the 3 MLAs assuring of penalty and appropriate action against the owners of Empress City Mall.

On December 7, 2016, among the starred questions, one issue of Nagpur District, 4 issues of Vidarbha and 10 State-level issues were slated for the question hour. The issues of Nagpur were also raised by MLA Bhimrao Tapkir from Khadakwasla. The question was in a written format.

A question was raised about a popular packed food company which has its production unit in Nagpur and Pune. It was alleged that worms were found in some sealed items. However, the relevant department denied the allegations and claimed that they have not received any complaint about this so far this year. The concerned department had claimed that in 2013, they did receive some complaint about worms in the Chicky (Groundnut and jiggery candy). Of the samples tested some were indeed found defective, even unsafe in the Pune laboratory where they were sent.

It is worth mentioning that of all the starred issues taken up in the last two days, ­­­­­ only some were worth pondering over. Will Vidarbha be taken up seriously at all? Vidarbha, with all its problems by itself is a big issue. The issue of a Separate Vidharbha is second big issue. However, of the 62 Vidarbha MLAs, few are ministers and the remaining are MLAs from both the ruling and opposition parties with BJP outnumbering others.

During the question hour, the issue of probe into illegal construction of Empress City Mall was raised by Saoner MLA Sunil Kedar, MLA from Arvi Amar Kale and MLA from Bhramapuri Vijay Waddatiwar. The MLAs raised the issue of how a request to change the building plans by M/s KSL Industries Limited was approved in 2004, 2007 and 2013? Since the concerned minister is the Chief Minister himself, he sent a written reply claiming that the question was justified. In a written reply, Chief Minister said that the said company had submitted the approved plan and the revised plan to Nagpur Municipal Corporation. MLA Kedar further asked that in 2005 and 2009, the said company was involved in illegal constructions which exceeded the approved plan from Nagpur Municipal Corporation. CM further replied in a written reply that the illegalities have already been received by NMC authorities in November 2, 2016. It is alleged that the said company has made illegal construction of 28958.769 Square Meters without permissions.

The NMC authorities have already sent a notice to M/s KSL Industries Limited for not dismantling the illegal constructions and asking them to pay a fine of Rs 96003496/-. Apart from the action by NMC, a penal action was also initiated under Section 53 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966.

Two days and two issues, those too were individualistic in nature i.e. Empress City Mall and ‘chikky’ with worms!

Are there no other local issues to be raised? Or are there none?!