Published On : Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

Day 2 of Pudu L-G vs CM battle: Insecure leaders divide teams, tweets Bedi

New Delhi: Day 2 of social media battle between Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi and CM V Narayanasamy. Yesterday, Bedi cancelled the order of the Chief Minister banning the use of social media for official communication.

In a flurry of tweets today, Bedi mentioned what the WhatsApp group in Pondy was about. “Whatsapp Grp in Pondy abt? It was a netwrk of officers sharing activities of d day. Nothing secret. But responding to grievances. Gagged Now!”

Earlier in the day, she tweeted, “To reduce confusion,sharing of relevant info is vital for skill & speed to deliver public http://services.Tech offers very useful tools. Real test of leadership is, does she/he have the COURAGE to TRANSFORM what NEEDS to be changed. Or else its only a position ‘occupied. Confident & Secure leaders unite their teams, insecure and unsure leaders divide them. Unity of purpose is probably a fear/threat to them.When a leader wants things done he will promote shared info. When he wants control & dependence he will ensure they r kept divided/deprived.”

Narayanasamy had issued the circular even as Bedi was pushing with her plan to promote WhatsApp communication by officials.

The government circular dated January 2 had said the chief minister had directed all the officers, heads of departments and employees of government-owned undertakings to immediately desist from using the social media such as Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook.

It had added that the servers of these multi-national companies were based outside the country.

Bedi, who was in Delhi for the past few days, posted a copy of her order on her personal Twitter handle declaring the government circular “null and void” with immediate effect on the ground that it was issued “in contravention of guidelines, rules and policies of the government”.