Published On : Fri, Apr 12th, 2024

Dating App Deception : Nagpur clubs ‘honey trapping’ guys to burn holes in their pockets!


Nagpur: Clubs in Nagpur are reportedly involved in the malpractice of tricking male customers using female dating profiles on dating platforms, siphoning thousands of rupees from them in the Second Capital of the State.

Girls hired by these clubs allegedly lure guys on various dating apps. After matching, they request to meet at specific clubs. During the interactions, they often order expensive liquor and food, which ends up burning a hole in the guys’ pockets. After such incidents became common, some guys reportedly took to Google reviews of some clubs and expressed their anguish.

They have also narrated their ordeal to Nagpur Today, describing how girls, in association with the clubs and in exchange for commission, are tricking guys in Nagpur.

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