Published On : Fri, Jun 5th, 2015

Critical tumor removed after successful surgery

Bearing the pain to avoid surgery and keeping tumor inside the body could prove deadly

tumor picNagpur: In today’s modern age, the medical science has advanced itself in many ways. Still, people have misconceptions and fear on the name of surgery. A large number of people prefer to bear the pain and treat the ailment with the help of oral medicines just to avoid the surgery due to fear and ignorance. However, surgery, in some cases, could prove life-saving final remedy. This was proved through a recent case that we came across at Shrikhande Hospital and Research Centre.  The case is of Mrs Lalita Devi.

Mrs Lalita Devi (53) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Surgery was performed on her at that time and she recovered through it accordingly. She was living a happy and healthy life for five years, until a new complaint of abdominal pain raised in November 2014. Doctors, after sonography, found an ovarian tumor developing in her body. She was referred for a surgery to remove the tumor. However, Lalita Devi, like many other common patients in India, had some misconceptions about surgery. Due to fear, she kept avoiding the surgery option and asked doctors to prescribe oral medicines to her. Lalita Devi suffered the unbearable pain of the developing tumor for almost eight months, and finally reached Shrikhande Hospital and Research Centre for advanced treatment.

dr.laxmi shrikhande

Dr.Laxmi Shrikhande

Here, Dr Laxmi Shrihande examined her for one more time. The tumor in her body had developed as bigger as the eight month old fetus. Dr Laxmi Shrikhande told Lalita Devi that if unfortunately the tumor got burst inside the body, it would become deadly situation for her. Carrying the tumor inside the body was like carrying a time bomb within. A surgery was must to remove the tumor. Lalita Devi was convinced after sincere efforts by the doctors at Shrikhande Hospital and Research Centre and surgery was performed successfully. Today, Lalita Devi is recovering fast after the surgery. Now, she is free from the pain as well as the danger of the tumor.

This was possible only because Lalita Devi was convinced to perform surgery. However, there are many women in our society, who kept on bearing the pain just because of the fear and misconceptions for the surgery. Women also ignore their ailments and due to this negligence, a small treatable ailment converts into a deadly disease. It is the need of the hour to create awareness about the woman health amongst our society. Through this press conference, it is our sincere effort to prove with an example that a common woman, after accepting the modern medical treatment could come out of the deadly ailment. Patient Mrs Lalita Devi herself would address the press conference and share her experiences. Dr Laxmi Shrikhande will accompany her to clear the medical treatment related doubts of the media-persons.

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