Published On : Wed, Jun 1st, 2016

Crimes increase alarmingly in Butibori as cops go lax

As laxity of cops comes to fore, unscrupulous elements and criminals become active and commit crimes without any fear of ‘long hand of law’.

The residents of Lokmat Colony, Butibori have started drawing attention of all senior police officials and other authorities towards the growing menace of thieves in their locality which falls in the jurisdiction of the Bori Police Station.

The residents alleged that policemen are a rare sight in this crowded and rapidly growing locality. It is a proven fact that the psychological deterrence created by men in Khaki is more than enough to curtail these criminals and crimes. However, it is impossible for cops to check each and every area, but regular patrolling brings about a fear that the cops may come at any moment.

The residents alleged that during last three months as many as twenty-nine thefts have taken place. The investigations into the thefts have yielded no positive results nor have arrests made.

The residents of Butibori alleged that Police have failed to ensure a check or increase the patrolling even after repeated incidents of theft which is a growing concern in the community.

Taking advantage of the lethargic behavior of the cops and the absence of deterrence, some goons and persons with criminal antecedents are freely committing thefts and robberies. So much so that no house is considered safe even if locked for a few hours in broad day light.

On May 30, 2016, a resident of Lokmat Colony identified as Imran returned from his native place (Chhindwara) where he had gone on a short vacation only to find the door of his house wide open. He found all the goods of his house lying scattered. The almirah and boxes had been ransacked. It was clear that the thieves had broken the locks and carried away all that they could lay hands on.

The residents of Lokmat Colony have appealed to all senior police officials to intervene and ensure immediate steps to stem this tide of insecurity.